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Berlin Connecticut needs candidates from a third political party to stop the strict partisan voting on the Town Council

Berlin needs an independent candidate on its Town Council to counter and prevent the dominance of a major political party from unilaterally imposing its agenda and will on the citizens of Berlin. Our Town Council has been voting along strict party lines on key issues even though members pledged to reach across the aisle. It has dismissed or circumvented the results of referendums, reducing them to mere dog-and-pony shows. Berlin has more unaffiliated voters than those of the two major parties. Let’s petition, nominate, and place on the ballot an independent candidate to represent these citizens and prevent the control of our Town by the dominant party on the Town Council. If interested, please contact us: berlinctpropertyownersassn@gmail.com. Continue reading

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Less than 100 Americans determine U.S. election results: say bye-bye to our democracy and hello to the plutocracy

Less than one hundred Americans contribute two-thirds of the millions of dollars raised by the Super PACs. Over the last ten years, 93% of the members elected to Congress spent more money on their campaigns than their opponents. Consequently, those one hundred Americans, the super rich, have stolen our democracy, which has been replaced by a plutocracy. Continue reading

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Sign the petition to draft Senator Bernie Sanders from Vermont to run for President in 2012 and challenge Barack Obama from the left.

The Republicans have moved to the extreme right on the political spectrum, allowing President Obama to inch over to the right of center for political advantage. Progressives need a choice to Barack Obama in the 2012 presidential election. There has been consistently one champion for all Progressives since Obama assumed office as president, and that champion has been Senator Bernie Sanders from Vermont.

Please sign the petition to urge Senator Bernie Sanders to run for President. The future of the middle class and your children depends upon it.

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