Video of Entire Speech of Donald Trump in Las Vegas on April 28, 2011: Why the Donald continues to lead in the polls among the other GOP candidates!

The media, Republican Congressmen and Congresswomen, Democrats, and many individuals are criticizing Donald Trump’s use of profanity in a speech delivered at the Treasure Island Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas on April 28, 2011; however, the 600 listeners from Republican women’s groups cheered and applauded and loved the use of the F-word, the M-F word, and other words that my mother would try to wash out of my mouth with Lifebuoy soap (yuck!) whenever I uttered them within her earshot. Republican women loving the F-words? Don’t you just love the irony here?!

Hey, this is a country of free speech. And I personally find it refreshing for a candidate to speak its vernacular. I am tired of the pilgrims and puritans dictating our use of appropriate language.  The F-word is a word, and there are a lot of words that I don’t like, too, like “killing”, “wars”, “Exxonmobil”, “Bank of America”, “J P Morgan”, “Bill Clinton”, “Affirmative Action”, “illegal aliens”, “OPEC”, etc.  However, it appears that no one is offended by their use.  Go figure.

But why did those 600 Republican women love Donald’s speech the other day?  What was Donald Trump saying that appealed so much to them?  I’ll tell you.

Donald Trump deliberately and intentionally used the F-words in this speech to these Republican wives, mothers, and grandmothers.  He was tapping into the anger of the American middle class.  And he has been doing it very successfully over the last few months.  Furthermore, what better way to gain media attention, albeit attention highly critical, than to be controversial, swearing like a brawler?  Remember Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin…what happened to their media attention?  You got it:  Donald is stealing the camera.  And it ain’t costing him a dime.  This guy is not dumb.

People are angry about the state of affairs in America today: no jobs; high energy prices; huge debt; expensive wars; overly expensive healthcare; high taxes; etc.  And in 2008, President Obama promised change; however, the American people see no change.  The economy still sucks; there are no jobs; price of gas is up to $4 per gallon and will continue to increase to $5 per gallon; our military is now involved in three active campaigns overseas; the rich continue to get their huge tax breaks, passing the debt onto the middle class; Obama has appointed Commissions who will propose cuts to social security, medicare, and higher taxes on the middle class in order to cut our deficit; and on and on, more of the same, with no end in sight. 

So the people are not only disappointed and disillusioned with Obama, whose approval rating is down to 40%, but disgusted and angry.   And they are looking for a voice to express their anger.  And guess what?  Enters Donald Trump.  Enters a candidate expressing their anger, galvanizing their anger, channeling their anger, providing the lightning rod for its striking, picking up their Cross of Gold, carrying their standard in another crusade against those “evil” Muslim countries who have been holding us hostage to their oil riches, costing us trillions of dollars in defense of their lands, and all those “evil” Asian countries stealing our jobs.  Donald Trump is swearing and bellowing in all of the colonialistic fashion of a Teddy Roosevelt, using the bully pulpit, and, most importantly, sounding and appearing like a real leader, not like a wuss like Obama, who appears more like a referee than a fighter.  The people want someone to stand up and fight for them.  And that is the appeal of a Donald Trump.

Recall that Germany back in 1932 was angry with its state of the economy; and then entered Adolf Hitler, the Messiah, who promised to lead the people out of an economic depression.  His anger resonated enough to obtain 30% of the vote, and with that mere 30% he forced his way into absolute power as a dictator, tyrant, despot.

Now what about the Donald?  Can he win in 2012?  I don’t think so; it would be highly unlikely.  But if he runs as an independent, which is again highly unlikely, he could get as much as 30% of the popular vote.  Why?  Because the American people are angry; and if the economy and job market fail to improve over the next couple of years, and if inflation kicks in, the American voters will start looking for another voice, a candidate voicing their anger.  These middle class Americans are tired of the Presidential trite phrases, “I feel your pain” (yeah, all the way to the bank, President Clinton), and “share the pain” (yeah, President Obama, the middle class shares the pain, while you, the rich, and the Wall Streeters share the gains).  Like Governor George Wallace in 1968, stealing 10 million votes in that Presidential election year, Donald Trump will wreak havoc, gathering the votes of the angry middle class Americans and those wishing to cast a protest vote on American politics.  It’s a win-win for the Donald.

And so enters Donald Trump, embodying the anger of the middle class, complete with the colorful language of F-words and M-F words….Don’t you just love it?  Excitement in an otherwise dull, uneventful Presidential campaign.  Imagine our center of government being moved to Las Vegas, where the velvet ghosts of Elvis and Liberace may replace the paintings and statues of Washington, Jefferson, and Lincoln.  I love it.  And this is befitting our American politics since it has become as crass and corrupt as the Mafia casinos in Vegas.

Here’s the entire speech of Donald Trump delivered on April 28, 2011 in Las Vegas to 600 Republican women, who are wives, mothers, and grandmothers.  LOL!  You gotta love it!

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5 Responses to Video of Entire Speech of Donald Trump in Las Vegas on April 28, 2011: Why the Donald continues to lead in the polls among the other GOP candidates!

  1. DJ McNamara says:

    Trump is making all of us Republicans look like fools. He, like Palin and Bachmann, is a buffoon and a source of ridicule. We already look like fools about the “birther” issue. What next space aliens and JFK & Elvis posing for pictures over lunch in their hiding spot?

    As far as Trump goes, I find him crass, offensive, racist, and he has done many things to hurt the US economy. His large corporations have gone bankrupt, leaving many middle Americans holding the bags for his bills as he flies away in his private jet. My own family and neighbors were affected by his poor business dealings.

    Can’t we find a candidate worthy of the Republican party instead of these caricatures? Or are we all destined to wear our tin foil hats while talking about space aliens as the democrats pass bills and assassinate the most notorious murderer of American citizens in my lifetime. Osama bin Laden was found just where they said he’d be, in Pakistan. Now we have the mistakes of Bush, running into Iraq and Afghanistan, torturing detainees – and the democratic president finds him with no torture.

    I am saddened at the fate of the party I loved for 20 years. Bring us Trump, and I become an Independent. I am tired of the idiots that are bubbling to the top in this party.

    • Hear, hear. I am an Independent for all of the reasons, and others, you iterated.

      Barefoot Accountant

    • Dan says:

      Congratulations to D.J. McNamara! I have been wondering how any one can profess to be a Republican these days. I think the Republicans should save the U.S.A. a lot of money and let Obama in by acclamation,clearly he has done a remarkable job to this point and deserves a second term to complete his goals.On top of that, the republicans seem unable to find a reasonable candidate.The second thing is they are hypocrites,saying jobs should be the priority, and then spending all their time and effort blathering about abortion.

  2. Alda Brum says:

    Thank you for having this video on Donald Trump Las Vegas on the internet. I hope he does become our President. He speaks from the heart and doesn’t hide anything. He tells it like it is. He is a little like President Roosevelt who shut down all the banks until all the wealthy people brought their money back to this country USA. We need tough rules and regulations on keeping an eye on the money budgets/accounts. We need to REFORM this government by having the american people vote in poles on all issues when it comes to spending or releasing any $$$ in the government. When the public says to you “You voted for that politician” yes we did but we did NOT vote for that politician the right to take any $$$ or pass that Bill without the American peoples permission. The POLITICIANS should only be allowed to PRESENT the issues to the people and WE DECIDE to pass that Bill or not! Any politician should NOT BE ALLOWED to authorize any Bills passed. Only the people should to decide. America should be making our own products and trade with the other countries. And another thing, WE live in a world of unabelievable Technology and there is NO REASON for the rest of the world to go hungry, homeless and many sufferings that this world goes thru and we also need to STOP the illegal drugs from coming into this country. Its poisning our people here and all over the world. I love Mr. Trump and I hope he becomes our next President. OH, by the way I think Mr.Ross Perot would make a great Vice President for Mr.Trump, like this its two smart business honest men who will straighten out this country. The best way to get power is to LISTEN TO THE PEOPLE . WE NEED A REAL BIG CHANGE… Thank You.

    • Thank you, Alda, for your comment. The people are crying out for a voice, a leader. They do not want another employee on the corporate payroll in a governmental office.

      Frankly, I am disgusted and angry, too, with money corrupting our government. All money must be banned from campaigns. No exceptions.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

      Kindest regards,
      Barefoot Accountant

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