That hokey-pokey, birds of paradise mating dance of the Democrats and Republicans. And guess who gets screwed in the end?


Have you ever observed the mating dance of the birds of paradise?  The male moves dramatically, and in response, the female inches away, but ultimately the male conquers the female, and achieves the purpose of this ritualistic, instinctive dance.

Well, the Democrats and Republicans have been dancing ritualistically quite some time now like birds of paradise.  The Republican Congress leaps dramatically to the right, and then the Democratic President and Congress inches to the right, and as a result, the fulcrum of the political balance between the two parties and the constituents that they represent, keeps moving ever so slightly and undetectably to the electorate to the right.  Neat, huh?  And guess who gets screwed in the end?  You got it!

In fact, the current Obamacare bill was the Republican version of fixing the healthcare problem in our country.  Recall the positions of the moderate Bob Dole Republicans in office back in 1996.  And recall former Republican Governor Mitt Romney’s healthcare bill enacted in Massachusetts.  Of course, now that Mitt is running for President and the Republican political position has shifted to the precipice of extreme right ideology, he opposes Obamacare and his former Romneycare.  LOL!  Don’t you just love it.  I couldn’t write this stuff.  It’s too funny.

And both Bill Clinton and Barack Obama have mastered the steps of the birds of paradise dance.  You know, the hokey-pokey, ever so slightly modified for southpaws,

You put your left foot out,
You put your left foot in;
You put your right foot out,
And you shake it all about.
You do the Hokey-Pokey,
And you turn yourself around.
That’s what it’s all about!

Don’t believe me?  Recall that Obama had talked about a single-payer healthcare bill.  Recall that he failed to present this bill to Congress for a vote.  Instead in response to the Republican cries of socialism, pink commie, and the like, he then inched over and presented the Romneycare version of fixing healthcare, the original Republican solution to our nation’s healthcare problem of the mid-1990s.  Of course, now that the Republicans have leaped to the extreme right (the political right raised to the nth power of infinity), they have not truly proposed any viable solution at all to the prohibitive cost of healthcare except for holistically medically dumping the sick and old on a hill outside Sparta and letting nature take its course.

Still don’t believe me?  Recall that Obama originally proposed tax increases for those earning more than $250,000 annually, and tax cuts for those earning less.  And how did the Republicans dance to that tune?  They counter-proposed tax cuts plus a huge estate tax cut largely benefiting the rich.  See?  President Obama put his left foot out and his left foot in, he put his right foot out, then shook it all about…hokey-pokeying the middle class and turning himself around, and that’s what it’s all about.

The problem with doing this dance of the birds of paradise is someone gets screwed at the end of this dance, and guess who does?  Always, inevitably, the middle class:  no single-payer healthcare system to control costs, making the insurance, pharmaceuticals, and medical companies even richer; tax cuts for the rich, resulting in huge deficits, which are hidden, deferred taxes, later to be passed onto the middle class in customary subterfuge fashion; and ultimately the privatization of medicare and, doomed to follow, social security, eventually abandoning us all on that same Spartan hill after we become old and sick.

It’s too bad President Barack Obama and former President Bill Clinton never appeared on “Dancing with the Stars” because they do this dance oh so well, and would be shoo-ins to win that contest hands down with their hokey-pokey, birds of paradise dance.  They are so good at it that I bet you didn’t even notice it, did you?

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William Brighenti is a Certified Public Accountant, Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor, and Certified Business Valuation Analyst. Bill began his career in public accounting in 1979. Since then he has worked at various public accounting firms throughout Connecticut. Bill received a Master of Science in Professional Accounting degree from the University of Hartford, after attending the University of Connecticut and Central Connecticut State University for his Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts degrees. He subsequently attended Purdue University for doctoral studies in Accounting and Quantitative Methods in Business. Bill has instructed graduate and undergraduate courses in Accounting, Auditing, and other subjects at the University of Hartford, Central Connecticut State University, Hartford State Technical College, and Purdue University. He also taught GMAT and CPA Exam Review Classes at the Stanley H. Kaplan Educational Center and at Person-Wolinsky, and is certified to teach trade-related subjects at Connecticut Vocational Technical Schools. His articles on tax and accounting have been published in several professional journals throughout the country as well as on several accounting websites. William was born and raised in New Britain, Connecticut, and served on the City's Board of Finance and Taxation as well as its City Plan Commission. In addition to the blog, Accounting and Taxes Simplified, Bill writes a blog, "The Barefoot Accountant", for the Accounting Web, a Sift Media publication.
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