The Brainwashing Of Hillary Voters Is Complete. Transcript of October 20 2016 The Jimmy Dore Show.


[Transcript of October 20, 2016 The Jimmy Dore Show]

So you know I like to keep them honest here as they say at CNN. We’re not playing the partisan game of rooting for one horrible candidate over another horrible candidate. In fact you know our theories about it?—that voting neoliberalism this election is worse than ever because right now the Republican Party is falling apart, crack fracturing, and we’ve talked all about this.

This is the year to start a progressive movement. But when I see stuff like this, ThinkProgress tweets out a Trump presidency is a clean-energy nightmare, and then they have an article about it, which I didn’t bother to read because Trump’s not going to be President. And ha-ha. And so would Hillary Clinton. I get it. Yes, I’m sure a Trump presidency would be a nightmare for climate change. So is Hillary Clinton’s.

I don’t think people realize how far past the tipping point?— we past the tipping point. You know the Copenhagen agreement. People said that was a travesty. And they wanted to keep it at 2 degrees Celsius climate increase.

And then the Paris one is even worse. They said three. It’s over already. It’s already over. Start to figure out how you’re going to die because climate change is here. And we have no rational response to it. Governments have no rational response.

So I just put that, “I want to defend fracking”, which is what she said in released WikiLeaks.  She said that in her speeches that got released through the WikiLeaks, right. So we know she said that, “I want to defend fracking”, and so I tweeted that.

And the reason why I’m bringing this up is to just show you how brainwashed regular people are.  Just how they just regurgitate talking points handed to them by the corporate duopoly that is now in control of our elections.  They just repeat it, and without thinking, they don’t go away.

Hey, this is the conventional group.  This is group think For instance,somebody right underneath that said, “dude, we know Hillary is bad. We’re voting for her because airplanes would fall from the sky with Trump.” So you’re just going to invent crazy things about trust.

What I said to that was, meanwhile we’re bombing Yemen. Our Democratic president is pushing the TPP.  And he’s jailing journalists.  But this seems rational.

So if you’re going to concoct a conspiracy to distract people from the most horrible shit in the world, you would create Donald Trump.  And maybe the Democrats got lucky that he just came along but they certainly helped.  What the WikiLeaks are also revealing that the Clintons knew Trump would help them and they pushed it.  And that’s exactly what’s happening.

All this horrible shit that’s happening and everybody’s talking about Trump.  Oh, did you see Michelle’s speech about Trump? Hey, did you know we’re poisoning kids and Flint with lead? You know, they’re already poisoned already? You know, your husband is now drone bombing weddings?

So I’m getting off the track a little bit.  This is to show you how mental regular people are. And we all know that the comedians and the pundits, who used to be considered lefty, who are now propping up a corporatist warmonger, who’s turned her back on the climate and her own country and workers, those people who are doing that, I don’t know how to look them in the eye anymore, eh.

But they’re going to keep doing this, this excusing horribleness.  Have they been manipulated or is there something wrong with their brains?  I don’t know.

But anybody who can defend Hillary Clinton, they’re either getting paid or they’re brainwashed.  And I’m going to say that guy’s brainwashed: oh, because with Trump airplanes would fall from the sky.  To me that actually sounds like maybe that guy is joking.  Like no we have to vote for Trump because planes would fall from the sky right? Isn’t that what everybody says, right?  That sounds to me maybe that’s what that guy was saying, Ramon.  Good for you, Ramon.  I’m going to turn it around: he was probably right.

And then right underneath Ramon, right underneath that, this is again, this is just showing what I’m talking about.  It is not random.  This is the same thread right underneath this, a woman says, “a third party vote goes nowhere,” and she somehow spaces out nowhere so it’s bigger.  A third party vote goes nowhere.

But what I said to that woman was, “two party vote goes to more war, more fracking, more Goldman Sachs deregulation, trillion-dollar bailouts, congrats.”  But a third party vote goes nowhere.

What if a lot of people voted third party, would it still go nowhere? Or does it go nowhere because people like you keep saying don’t vote third-party.  If everybody who said, don’t vote third party because it goes nowhere, voted third-party, we would probably win the election.

You know, more people consider themselves independent than they consider themselves Republican or Democrat, so if everybody voted their conscience this election, we can get rid of these two parties.  But people won’t do it.  Why?  Because you’re brainwashed, that’s why.  Because people don’t have a problem regurgitating corporate talking points handed to them by warmongers.  They don’t mind doing that.  That’s exactly what you’re doing.

John Oliver’s doing it.  Half the comedians, ninety percent of the comedians I know, are doing it.  You’re propping up the fucking thing that’s ruining everybody.

We are going to keep going.  And then this guy says?— by the way, this is the same thread?—this guy says “I think the irrational thing might be to think voting Stein has any effect on this machine.”

Ok, so here we go.  Here’s what I said back. “I can tell you for sure what doesn’t have any effect on the machine; pledging your vote and support to the machine.”  So this idea that people have?—you hear it from everywhere, you hear it from grownups who say, “no, I’m voting for Hillary and then, you know, and then we’re going to move her left.”

Which may be the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.  Can you get her to go left before you vote for her? No. But you’re going to get her to go left after she doesn’t need your vote anymore?  Yeah.  That may be the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.  That’s right up there with compassionate conservatism.  That’s right up there.  The way you get a politician to try to cotton to your ideas is to say, you’re not voting for him.

And then here’s another one.  “The only issue with me voting third party is that the candidates?—this is all in the same thing?—is that the candidates can’t tell me reasonable ways to follow through with policies.”  So I would vote third party but they don’t show me a reasonable way where they can follow through on their policies.  So instead what I’m going to do is I’m going to pledge my support to the person who knows how to follow through on the policies that I oppose.

What is wrong with people?  That didn’t take me a second to think of that.  So this is just people repeating corporate talking points handed down to you by the electoral duopoly. And you just say them; you just accept it.

The only thing Hillary Clinton and the corporatists have to offer you is fear.  This is what Chris Hedges says.  The only thing they have to offer you is fear.  You got to vote for them because where else you going to go.  Are you going to go to Trump? Ha-ha-ha!

As soon as you stop being afraid, that’s when they get afraid.  That’s what Chris has said.
And remember what George Orwell said: “a people that elect corrupt politicians, imposters, thieves and traitors are not victims, but accomplices.  Think about that.  People that elect corrupt politicians, imposters, thieves and traitors are not victims but they’re accomplices.  Accomplices.

And I would rather vote for somebody who reflected my ideals and lost than vote for somebody who doesn’t represent me and wins.  And that’s what Debs said.

It’s a sad state what’s happening in America to the mind of the American left voter.  They completely swallowed the corporate talking points handed to them by people whose interest it is in keeping a two-party duopoly.

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