Fight to the finish: Democrats vow to continue their fight. Cenk Uygur MSNBC TV June 2, 2011 Video and Transcript.

Fight to the FinishCenk Uygur: House Democrats took their turn at the White House talking about the budget. And they made sure that the President knew their number one issue.

Nancy Pelosi: “I demonstrated the determination that we all have to reduce the deficit while preserving Medicare.”

Steny Hoyer: “Making certain that Medicare is strengthened and preserved.”

Jim Clyburn: “We must preserve Medicare.”

John Larson: “Preservation of Medicare.”

Cenk Uygur: “Gee, were they clear enough? Yes, I think so. Yes, I got it Medicare.”

People hate RyancareLook they’re not the only ones who want to preserve Medicare, of course.  The latest poll numbers show just how unpopular the Ryan plan is.  Here we go, again, the millionth poll in a row.  58% of Americans oppose the plan. Even conservatives don’t like it. More than half of them say that they are against the plan. So who is this, in fact, serving? It appears nobody.Even Conservatives hate Ryancare

And Democrats are not letting Republicans run away from their Ryancare votes either because they know how hard it hurts them. So check out this new ad from the Progressive Change Campaign Committee.

[Woman in video clip]: “If I didn’t have Medicare, doctors bills could wipe me out. When Congressman Charlie Bass voted against Medicare, that was an attack against families just like mine.”

So it sounds like Democrats are committed to preserving Medicare, and certainly Progressives are, as you saw in that ad. So why have Democratic leaders like Steny Hoyer said that Medicare cuts are still “on the table” during these budget talks? The big question going forward: will Democrats take a stand to protect one of the most successful government programs in history or will they let Republicans needlessly win on a losing issue?

Progressive Caucus Budget PlanOf course, there is one plan that balances the budget and saves Medicare. It’s called the Progressive Caucus Plan. It protects Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security, makes cuts to our massive defense budget, which is incredibly bloated and filled with pork; it also raises taxes but focused primarily on making sure the richest Americans bear their share of the burden. And what’s best, it balances the budget by 2021, that’s a decade earlier than the Ryan plan.

So I got to ask, as the Progressive folks and some of the other Democrats talked to the President today, did they bring this up? Hey, wait a minute, why are we only talking about the Ryan plan? Why are we talking about the Obama white House plan which is also much more conservative than that Progressive plan? The one that balances the budget best is the Progressive Caucus one.

And by the way, on issue after issue, it is by far the most popular with the American people. Raising taxes on millionaires? Over 80% of the American people love that plan. Preserving Medicare? Americans love that plan. Cutting pork out of the defense budget? Americans love that plan.

So why don’t we talk about that one. Alright, my view on that is very clear.

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