GOP confused over the nation’s debt. What is a CONservative? Someone who gives you a CON job. In other words, a Republican!

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UYGUR: In the con job of the day, we have got the republican flip-flops over the debt. The republican leadership‘s evolving position of the debt ceiling can give you whiplash.

Remember, we don‘t raise it. The government will re-force into default. Nonetheless, Boehner and McConnell under rest, say that they won‘t vote to raise it unless they get more spending cuts.


JOHN BOEHNER ®, SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE: We have got take meaningful steps towards solving our long term debt problem if in fact, we‘re going to find the votes increase of debt ceiling.

SEN, MITCH MCCONNELL ®, MINORITY LEADER: There is bipartisan opposition in the Senate to raising the debt ceiling unless we do something significant about the debt.


UYGUR: Now, that was now but Boehner and McConnell were not so concerned about the debt limit when we had a republican sitting in their oval office. As Travis Waldron of Think Progress points out, “The current GOP leadership voted to raise the debt ceiling every single time during the Bush years.” In 2002, Boehner and McConnell voted for $450 billion increase in the debt limit. The next year, they approved a $900 billion increase, a vote that came the same week that President Bush approved tax cuts that cost $350 billion.

So, they didn‘t mind borrowing from China when it was to pay the rich, of course. In 2004, they voted to raise the limit by another $800 billion. In ‘06, it was $781 billion. In ‘07, it was another $850 billion. All told, under Bush, Boehner and McConnell voted five times to increase the debt ceiling by a total of $4 trillion. They raised it five times for a total of $4 trillion. That‘s a lot of money. And now they‘re concerned about raising the debt ceiling? Obviously they had no qualms whatsoever about increasing it when there was a republican in the White House. But the leaders are not the only ones in the Republican Party to make a complete and comical reversal on the debt limit issue. Here‘s Indiana Congressman Mike Pence earlier this week.


REP. MIKE PENCE ®, INDIANA: I will not support an increase in the debt ceiling without real and meaningful changes in spending, and the short term in the long term.


UYGUR: But here‘s Pence on the absolute necessity of raising the debt ceiling back in 2002.


PENCE: I came here believing as so many people I represent believe that if you owe debts, pay debts.


UYGUR: I love the flip-flops. And right now, Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley thinks the debt ceiling is a great bargaining chip.


SEN. CHUCK GRASSLEY ®, IOWA: We have got tremendous leverage on not increasing the debt to get a lot of other things done that we want done.


UYGUR: But in 2006, he said lawmakers shouldn‘t try to score political points about the debt limit.


GRASSLEY: And so, I would hope that we would not have an extended debate and a lot of breast beating about the issue of increasing the national debt. Now there will be a lot of debate about it. A lot of political points trying to be made. But the point is, we have got to keep the business of government going. That‘s why this ought to pass unanimously.


UYGUR: Unanimously, back when there was a republican president, right? But now, all of a sudden, oh we can‘t do it. Raising the debt ceiling was an absolute necessity. It turns out that you couldn‘t play politics during the Bush years. But now that we have a democratic president, the debt ceiling presents perfect opportunity to play politics. Just when you thought these guys couldn‘t get any more hypocritical, they out do themselves every day. I‘m very impressed. And their outrageous hypocrisy on the debt ceiling, is our con job of the day. OK. I like the music.

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4 Responses to GOP confused over the nation’s debt. What is a CONservative? Someone who gives you a CON job. In other words, a Republican!

  1. I was a Republican, I wll not vote for them again. Please campaign against Ryan on the following: Why did millionaire Congressmen and Senators vote themselves a $4700 COLA in 09&10 and deny Seniors cola? Does he realize Seniors getting $1109 month and up must pay 100% Medicare premium, Drugs $35 and all deductibles and co-pays. Most seniors are below-poverty level and standing in food lines. In chaotic times like this, we need proven safety nets more than ever. Doctors do not want Medicare patients since Obamacare; I was refused. 78% of voters oppose Ryan’s plan; those objectors at Town meetings were not plants and are furious with proposals to deny benefits they and their employer paid into all their lives.
    Seniors desperately need a substantial increase in Social Security at least Ryan’s equivalent. We actually paid into SS and Medicare – unlike corrupt politicians with their Cadillac medical and Golden retirement after 4 years service with $80,000 per year pension for the rest of their worthless lives. Seniors are talking either not voting at all or forming a Third party.
    Why are Federal workers going untouched; the $150,000 per year hierarchy.
    We desperately need a significant Social Security increase.

  2. All marked required fields are filled in; this is a conspiracy to not publish the truth.

  3. Why won’t you publish my article?

    You are like Obama; you are a Subversive Democrat.

    Seniors need a third party

    • Madeleine,

      I published all of your articles. You only gave me 5 minutes to notice that you had submitted them. LOL!

      I hear your anger. I am not a subversive Democrat. Nor am I conspiring not to publish the truth. I truly appreciate your comment on the Ryan plan. I, too, am furious and am contemplating forming a third political party in Berlin, Connecticut.

      Incidentally, I am registered an an Independent.

      The Barefoot Accountant

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