Big Tech opposes temporary blocking of H-1B guest worker visas because it wants to give your childrens’ jobs to cheap foreign labor

Well, Silicon Valley, the most powerful group of business lobbyists in the world, is now pushing the Trump administration to roll back its executive order on guest workers. They say their concern is diversity. It’s obviously nonsense so what’s the real motivation. We’ll tell you after the break.

Last week we told you about an executive order the President signed blocking new guest worker visas temporarily. This was, of course, in response to the mass unemployment among Americans because of coronavirus. It is a very smart thing to do, a much needed thing to do, one of the best things this President has done.

But we warned you at the time that it would only work if it wasn’t gutted, if it wasn’t watered down. That turned out to be prescient because many people, including some unfortunately inside the administration, would like to do just that.

The President’s order includes a requirement that within 30 days the Secretary of Homeland Security suggests changes to it. Already we are being told that tech companies and their allies in the White House are trying to use this 30 day review period as a way to fatally weaken the order and fill it with loopholes and exemptions. Keep in mind the tech industry is the single most aggressively left-wing part of the American business community. By far this push is being led by the country’s wealthiest tech companies?—Apple, Google, Amazon, etc. ?—and it’s not hard to figure out why.

All these companies are happy to lecture you about how America is irredeemably racist. Every day of the week they tell you that. They crow about diversity. Apple’s CEO Tim Cook, of course, is leading the way as always. A week ago when the President’s order came out, Tim Cook tweeted this: quote,

“Like Apple, this nation of immigrants has always found strength in our diversity, and hope in the enduring promise of the American dream. … Deeply disappointed by this proclamation.”

Talk about a non-sequitur. And, of course, it’s more than that: it’s a lie. Tim Cook is not protecting the American Dream in any sense. If he was, he’d want to protect America’s fading middle class but he’s doing the opposite.

The vast majority of H-1B guest worker visas are awarded to a single country: India. That’s not diversity: one country. At this moment in Silicon Valley, 47 percent of all workers were born in foreign countries.

So pausing the H-1B program for even six months will free up tens of thousands of jobs for Americans of all backgrounds. You know those STEM classes your kids are taking, you know the college you’re paying so they can work in the tech field? They’re not going to get those jobs because they’ll be taken by foreign nationals. This might allow them a chance.

So Apple isn’t fighting for diversity. They’re doing exactly what they appear to be doing: they’re trying to keep wages down and keep their workers compliant by importing labor from abroad.

This isn’t about diversity. It’s about exploitation. It always is, and the administration should not fall for it.all for it.

Big Tech opposes temporary blocking of H-1B guest worker visas because it wants to give your childrens’ jobs to cheap foreign labor


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Is Tucker Carlson accusing Republican officeholders of not defending normal American citizens?

Tucker Carlson: Voters need to demand change from the GOP

Republicans must work as hard as they can to make America fair again.

On Monday night’s show, we interviewed a U.S. Senator called Mike Braun. Braun is a Republican who represents the very Republican State of Indiana.

Braun ran for office two years ago as a conservative, but he has not governed like one. As the mob burned cities and shot police officers, Mike Braun used his power in the U.S. Senate to punish local police — cops were the real problem, Braun decided. So he sponsored legislation to make it easier for leftwing activist groups to sue and bankrupt individual police officers.

And then Mike Braun endorsed Black Lives Matter.

QUESTION: Do you support the Black Lives Matter movement?

SEN. MIKE BRAUN, R-Ind.: I support that movement, because it’s addressing an inequity that has not been solved, you know, from a grassroots level.

It’s hard to imagine that many of Mike Braun’s voters agree with any of that. Black Lives Matter has said it wants to eliminate police departments, dismantle the nuclear family and install socialism in the United States.

Even in the highly revolutionary year of 2020, those don’t seem like winning positions in the State of Indiana. So we asked Mike Braun to explain how that works exactly, and it didn’t go well. We’re not going to play you the tape. It feels like piling on to do that.

We will just sum it up this way. At one point in the interview, Mike Braun explained that he was pushing leftwing legislation because he was afraid of being criticized by Chuck Schumer, if he didn’t.

The whole thing went like that. It was remarkable. Almost beyond belief really. Again, we’re not trying to be mean here. Cruelty is easy, too easy, especially with politicians. The closer you get to them, the easier you realize it is.

And by the way, Mike Braun doesn’t seem like a bad person. If you live next door to him, you’d probably like him. Braun is just weak and he doesn’t really believe in anything. He is definitely not alone in that, an awful lot of Republican officeholders look very much like Mike Braun right now, probably most of them. That’s a problem.

In a moment like this, it is a severe and dangerous problem. Here’s why. Republicans at all levels could lose this fall. If they do, there will be profound consequences for you.

People who supported Donald Trump will be punished. There’s absolutely no question about that. There’s never been an American political party as radical and as angry as the Democrats are now. Imagine them with unlimited power, and that’s what they plan to get.

In their first year, Democrats will give voting rights to every illegal alien in this country, and then encourage many others to join them from abroad.

At a minimum, that means more than 20 million new Democratic voters overnight. No Republican will win nationally. Again, we will have one-party rule.

But Democrats don’t plan to stop there. In Congress, they will abolish the filibuster. That means they’ll be able to do whatever they want to do with just a simple majority, which they will have. They plan to pack the Senate by making the District of Columbia a state.

Giving statehood to D.C. is unconstitutional, clearly, but they’re not worried about that. They plan to pack the Supreme Court, too. They have said so.

So what will Democrats do with all of this untrammeled power? It’s pretty easy to imagine. We won’t go into details right now. We don’t want to wreck your night. But look around, you’ve got a pretty good idea of what’s coming.

The point is, and it could not be clearer, non-Democrats in America are in peril. We’re going to need someone with power willing to come to our defense. And that’s where people like Mike Braun come in. That was the point of last night’s interview.

Not to humiliate a specific senator, but to remind the Republican Party that it is our only shield. Yes, the Republican Party, flawed and infuriating, though it often is. The fact remains, the G.O.P. is the only institution still open to the rest of us, to Americans who want to live as they did just 15 years ago. Quietly, productively, without being harassed and harangued by self-righteous lunatics who mean them harm and they do.

If you want to be left alone to do your job and raise your family in this country, you will need a protector. That protector must be the Republican Party. There are no other options, but it must be a very different kind of Republican Party.

Keep in mind, we’re getting a new Republican Party no matter what happens. Even now, vultures wait just off stage to swoop in and claim the G.O.P. for themselves once Donald Trump is gone. Former Governor Nikki Haley tops that list, but there are many others on it.

The moment Trump leaves, they will attack him. They’ll tell you that Republicans lost power because they were mean and intolerant just like Donald Trump. And if you listen carefully, you can hear them say that even now. It’s a lie.

Republicans are failing for a much more obvious reason, a more fundamental reason. They’re failing because they haven’t done much that is worth doing. They haven’t tried very hard to improve your life. When the crisis came, they fled. They did nothing to defend you. They did nothing to defend the country.

They were paralyzed. Their so-called principles turned out to be bumper stickers they wrote 40 years ago. They had no clue what to do.

So from this day forward, it’s very simple. We’re going to have to tell them what to do, and that will work. No matter what they may believe privately, politicians respond to organized groups of voters. They want to win, above all, so they head to where the votes are.

Going forward, Republican voters should demand three things from their candidates, and if they don’t provide them, don’t vote for them. Here they are.

First is vigorous defense of total equality under the law. We are equal because we are citizens. Every American has precisely the same rights as every other American. Period. That is the promise of America. It’s why millions of people move here.

For a long time, we knew that; no one questioned it. It was obvious, but it no longer is obvious and there are many who are working in the opposite direction.

Republicans must counterbalance this. They must work as hard as they can to make America fair again. Wealth, appearance, ancestry can play no role whatsoever in the eyes of the law.

That means that criminals like Jeffrey Epstein must go to jail the first time they’re caught molesting children. It means your children must have precisely the same chances of getting into college or getting a job as anyone else’s children.

It means fighting to make this a colorblind meritocracy. A colorblind meritocracy. Say it again. The alternative to that is disaster.

Slavery and Jim Crow were immoral precisely because they punished people for how they were born. Any system that punishes people for how they were born is immoral, always. Republicans must say that loudly.

Don’t get caught in pointless debates about whether or not this is a racist country. Clearly it isn’t. Prove it by making it less racist, by making it a colorblind meritocracy. That’s our promise.

Second, Republicans must defend our freedom of speech. We are not a free society without that. This is not simply a debate about the First Amendment and its limits. It’s bigger than that and more important.

If you can’t articulate something, if you’re not allowed, you can’t think it. And that’s precisely why authoritarians try to control language. They’re trying to control your mind. Republicans should lead the fight against this without shame.

Americans have the absolute right to tell the truth. This is not negotiable, nor by the way is it a theoretical concern, of interest only to intellectuals. Everything depends on it.

If you can’t think freely, you can’t solve problems. Try to build a hydro plant or fly a commercial airplane? If certain categories of thought are off limits to you, it doesn’t work. The power grid collapses, planes crash. Society degrades.

No speech means no science, no art, no civilization. Most of us were taught that this debate was settled conclusively during the Enlightenment hundreds of years ago and reason vanquished dogma. But it wasn’t settled.

The forces of superstition remain. They are stronger than ever. In fact, they are growing in strength. The Republican Party must fight them or it’s not a party worth having.

And finally, we must never forget that in the end, the Republican Party exists to serve the interests of normal people, ordinary people. Middle class families are the core of this country. They are our hope for the future — our only hope — and yet both parties have shamelessly abandoned them.

Middle-class families have no national spokesman. They have no lobby in Washington. Republicans pretend to be their champion, you know by now that they are not. Instead of improving the lives of their voters, the party feeds them a steady diet of mindless symbolic victories, partisan junk food designed to make them feel full even as they waste away.

Who cares how many Benghazi hearings we have? We’re supposed to care. Why should we?

How did Peter Strzok’s text messages become more important than saving American jobs from foreign nationals who are taking them? It is lunacy. We fall for it every time and to the extent this show has participated in it, we apologize with deepest sincerity.

Because meanwhile, as we’re talking about things that don’t matter, life for the dwindling American middle class has become steadily worse. Suddenly, there are junkies living in your park. Your nephew just died of a fentanyl overdose. And saddest of all, and who hasn’t thought this, you’ve realized that your children will never be as successful as you are. The American Dream died with your generation.

As all of this happened, Democrats laughed because it served their interests. Republicans basically ignored it and that cannot continue. The only political movements that endure are the ones that make their voters stronger.

So how does this change? Can republican officeholders change their party? Yes, they can. We just have to make them. These are not by and large, evil people. Mike Braun is not an evil person.

Despite the way they talk, they’re not secretly working for the other side. Most of them are just empty, sad people, and politics is the way they fill the yawning void inside where a personal life should be — they are pleasers. They’re searching for the approval of strangers.

Our job is to give them clear instructions about what we want. We do that by voting and by making noise. They will not lead us, we know that now. They’ve refused to.

We have to lead and when we do, they will follow.

Adapted from Tucker Carlson’s monologue on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on June 30, 2020.

Is Tucker Carlson accusing Republican officeholders of not defending normal American citizens?

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Donald Trump will lose in November because he failed to walk his big talk

Tucker Carlson: Trump could well lose the election – he must defend America’s institutions

The president has lost ground during the coronavirus pandemic and mass riots when his strengths should have been highlighted

Not many people are saying it out loud on the right, but the fact is that President Trump could well lose this election. In fact, unless fundamental facts change soon, it could be tough for him to be reelected.

If the president does lose, that would mean that just a few months from now, Joe Biden would become the president. The United States government would fall under the control of the radicals who control Joe Biden, and they will remake the country.

Now, we’re fully aware that virtually nobody watching this show wants to hear that, but it’s true and key people around the president know that it’s true. They’ve seen the numbers. They’re concerned.

At some point in the future, historians will marvel at the fact that the president lost ground during a pandemic and then during mass riots. Both crises should have highlighted his strengths. They were naturals for him.

Alone among national leaders, Donald Trump warned Americans for decades about China and the perils of globalization. Everything about the Wuhan coronavirus proved Donald Trump right. China really is our main global adversary. The Chinese government really does want to take over the world.

Meanwhile, the fact that we sent our manufacturing base abroad really has weakened us badly. The most powerful nation on Earth no longer makes antibiotics. Maybe we’re not as powerful as we think.

All of that is very obvious now after the pandemic, but Donald Trump called it. You’d think voters would reward him for that. You’d think the riots would have increased their support for him.

An awful lot of people voted for Donald Trump precisely to avoid a moment like the one we’re now in. None of this arrived suddenly; we saw it coming. Social cohesion in America has been eroding for decades. People sensed that; it made them nervous. It should make them nervous.

Donald Trump seemed like insurance against the consequences of that. The core appeal of Trump was, if things ever started to fall apart, he would defend you. Yes, he was loud and crude. Most bodyguards are. Only a man like Donald Trump was tough enough to fight the creeping authoritarianism of the education cartel in corporate America.

When widespread looting and disorder arrived, the president did not act as decisively as many had hoped. He said little, he did less. Some voters felt undefended, some turned against him.

If Trump got elected, you could say what you really believed. The basic promise of America could be restored, you could live with dignity. Under Donald Trump, you wouldn’t be forced to mouth the lyrics to some repulsive little orthodoxy you hate. You could declare out loud that all lives matter because all lives do matter. God made us all. And if you can’t say that, what’s the point of living here?

Donald Trump never quite articulated any of this in a precise way. He’s not an intellectual or an ideologue. But it was obvious, he felt it strongly. Trump’s gut-level instincts were on the side of order and tradition and stability, and they still are.

And yet, when widespread looting and disorder arrived, the president did not act as decisively as many had hoped. He said little, he did less. Some voters felt undefended, some turned against him.

Why did this happen? Well, there are many reasons.

Trump was exhausted, for one thing. after three years of defending himself against “Russiagate,” the most elaborate and effective hoax in American history, and his staff did not do very much to help. Some of them were actively disloyal. Most were just confused. They definitely were not prepared for Chinese viruses or burning cities.

But the administration’s main problems were conceptual. Few seemed to understand what was really happening. Their first mistake was forgetting the primary rule of Washington: In an election year, everything that happens is about the election. There are no exceptions to that rule.

Washington is a political city; it’s run by politicians. If the Chinese Navy sailed up the Potomac in the fall of an election year, the first thing most people in D.C. would wonder is, how is that going to affect turnout? That’s who they are. It’s how they think.

So only the naive were surprised when Democratic governors immediately used the coronavirus quarantines to punish people who didn’t vote for them. Christian churches and small businesses were locked down. Weed shops and abortion clinics stayed open.

Most Trump voters seemed not to notice. They accepted the restrictions without question. This was a health crisis, and they wanted to do the right thing. So they obeyed. They cowered in their homes, and that’s exactly where Democratic leaders wanted them — cut off from one another, atomized and alone.

The few conservatives who tried to organize resistance to the lockdowns were indicted or threatened with arrest. None of this had anything to do with public health, of course. It was electoral politics, an especially brutal form of it.

Republican leaders meanwhile, were remarkably slow to catch on to what was happening. Some of them aren’t very bright, but most just couldn’t imagine anyone acting with that level of cynicism and ruthlessness. Their good faith made them vulnerable to their opponent’s lies. They were used.

In the days after George Floyd died, these same trends accelerated dramatically. It all happened so fast that it seemed like chaos at the time. But it wasn’t chaos. There was design just beneath the surface.

Consider the targets that the mob chose. Law enforcement, obviously, but not all law enforcement. Local police departments must be eliminated, they said, but the FBI is just fine — and that was telling.

Then they claimed that capitalism was the enemy, but only certain kinds of capitalism. The mob burned independent businesses to the ground by the score. They didn’t say a word about those businesses’ digital competitors, Google and Apple and Amazon. All of those companies were funding the destruction.

Then the mob told us that traditional Christianity was racist. They desecrated churches in the name of avenging slavery. And yet Antifa did not touch a single mosque, despite the fact that historians say Mohammed owned slaves.

As all of this progressed, Democrats continued their lectures about gun control, as they always do, but they ignored the rifles in the hands of their own supporters in downtown Seattle. The real threat, they told us, was rural Americans with their AR-15s. We better get the FBI on that — arrest more farmers.

In other words, what looked like protests were in fact highly effective attacks on Donald Trump’s voters, his power base. Few in Washington clearly appreciated this, at least on the right. If they had, they would have told the country what was really happening. No, this is not about George Floyd. It’s not about police brutality. It’s a power grab by violent extremists. But they didn’t understand that.

So weeks into the rioting, the social media accounts of the White House were still producing ham-handed posts about Juneteenth. No one was convinced by them, no one was reassured. Instead, many voters were becoming increasingly agitated by the lawlessness they saw all around them. Who is going to protect us from this, they wondered. The social media account did nothing to answer that question.

We want to play for you two pieces of tape that help illustrate what life is like for many Americans right now. Neither one of these shows graphic violence. We can easily find tape that does show it — there’s an awful lot of it out there.

But what we’re going to play instead for you is, in some ways, maybe more insidious than assault. What you’ll hear is neglect, and neglect is itself a form of violence. The first tape is from a small town, Fredericksburg, Va. It’s a 911 call recorded earlier this month.

A woman called Tara Durant took her young daughter on errands downtown. As the two tried to drive home, a mob surrounded their vehicle and blocked it from moving. Several people jumped on Durant’s car and screamed obscenities at her child. Terrified, Tara Durant called 911. And here’s the response she got:

Tara Durant: They are on my car, alright? They are my car right now!

911 Dispatcher: But we would suggest you slowly drive through the area. Don’t hit anyone with your vehicle.

Durant: I can’t. I cannot get out of here, okay?

Dispatcher: Please be patient. I’ll let the officers know, okay?

Durant: Are you serious? You guys have not —

Dispatcher: We can’t do anything, ma’am. The city told us that this is a sanctioned event.

Durant: Get out of my car.! You know, this is going to get dangerous. I’ve got a kid here.

Dispatcher: Yes, ma’am. We would suggest you call up city hall to let them know about your frustrations.

Durant: Get out of the way! Get out of the way! This is getting scary. They’re on my car! They’re on my car! And I’ve got a little girl in the car crying. Are you kidding me?

“They’re on my car! They are on my car!” “Ma’am,” comes the reply. “We would suggest you call up city hall to let them know about your frustrations.” Those are verbatim quotes. It’s hard to listen to that tape without feeling emotional.

A woman and her child were terrorized by a violent mob, and then they were intentionally abandoned by the state that has promised to protect them. It was the ultimate betrayal of citizenship.

You should know that the mayor of Fredericksburg, Virginia, a woman called Mary Katherine Greenlaw later apologized. But Greenlaw did not apologize to Tara Durant or her young daughter. The mayor apologized to the mob.

Police had tried to disperse them while they were rioting. “I am personally sorry,” Mayor Greenlaw slobbered. “I want to apologize to those who went through this fearful experience.”

Again to be crystal clear, Mayor Greenlaw said that to the rioters, not to the citizens she had cruelly abandoned. All of that happened in a little town of 25,000 people. It’s happening in so many American towns right now.

Here’s what’s happening in our cities. This is a recent video from New York. You will be forgiven if you don’t recognize it. It looks like a foreign country.

As you watch, notice how the police respond to gunfire being fired in the open. The squad car just rolls on through. The cops don’t even slow down. They’ve been told not to. They don’t try to enforce the law. They can’t enforce the law.

Keep in mind, decent people live in that neighborhood. Decent people live in every American neighborhood. How would you feel if you lived there? You’d be very afraid. You’d feel like things were falling apart. More than anything else, you would want someone to restore order. You’d want a leader to take back your neighborhood from armed children because armed children are far more threatening than even the worst rogue cop — always.

But local leaders are not doing that. They are not restoring order. They’re ignoring the suffering of their people.

So, what is the White House doing about this? Well, the president announced two days ago that anyone who topples a statue on federal property will face 10 years in prison. That is a welcome start.

What we’re living through right now, despite what people have told, you is not a local problem. This is a national crisis. The riots are designed to produce a national result — the destruction of our system of government and the removal of Donald Trump.

People expect a president to respond to a moment like this, to fix it, and they have a right to expect that. The president runs the country. If the rioters were Saudi nationals, it would be very clear that there was nothing local about what we’re watching. We would understand immediately that it is terrorism.

The president would give a primetime address. Within hours, the feds would be hunting these people down and arresting them. If the rioters were white supremacist, they’d already be in prison facing life.

So the question is, why isn’t the Justice Department responding like this? That’s not clear. Some blame the White House Counsel’s Office. They say it is dominated by Bush partisans who are hostile to Trump. We don’t know if that’s true. If it is true, there’s an easy solution to it. Just ignore their counsel.

Send the lawyers to the basement until November and have them reorganize the card catalog, or read Reader’s Digest from the 70s. Only a fool lets lawyers make critical decisions anyway. They’re not wise. If they were, they probably wouldn’t be lawyers.

Others say career bureaucrats at DOJ or federal prosecutors in the states are dragging their feet. The attorney general, Bill Barr, says he is overseeing 500 separate investigations into rioters. Good for him. Presumably one of them is into the destruction of the Albert Pike statue in Washington. It took place last Friday. It was on live television. So far, no one has been arrested for it.

It would change the course of this country’s future if the Justice Department rounded up the leaders of Antifa tomorrow, along with every single person caught on camera torching a building, destroying a monument, defacing a church and put them all in shackles and then frog march them in front of cameras like MS-13 and call them what they actually are — domestic terrorists. Not protesters, not civil rights activists, not CNN contributors, but domestic terrorists. That would be their new government-approved title.

Once they’re charged, it’s official. In fact, they are literally, as a factual matter, accused terrorists. And that would change minds right away. The people destroying this country are criminals. Few are brave enough to call them that. So, naturally, their popularity grows. Everyone supports protesters. This is America, we believe in protest.

But watch what happens when you start calling them what they really are. Most people don’t like terrorists. Terrorists will never be popular, even among Democratic voters. So charge them for the crimes they’ve committed and call them what they are.

Right now, the opposite is happening. The terrorists are more popular than the president of the United States. And not just more popular than Donald Trump personally, but more popular than the system he represents and administers. And it’s obvious why. Our system is weak. It refuses to defend itself.

Mayors let new countries sprout in the middle of their cities. Our leaders act like laws are irrelevant. Everyone watches this happen. It’s a potentially fatal problem.

Weak institutions die. Citizens develop contempt for them, and then they get overthrown. The same is true by the way, for heads of state. When you refuse to fight for the system you run, you’re done. Spend an hour on Google and see if you can find a single leader in the history of the world who stayed in power after failing to quell a rebellion. You can’t.

The saddest part of all of this is that our system is very much worth saving. It administers justice more fairly than any system in the world. If we want to keep that system, we have to use that system and that means enforcing America’s laws with certainty, enforcing them right now, at the moment of greatest peril.

If we don’t do it now, we never will do it. Ignore a law long enough and it becomes unenforceable. You’d be shocked if you got pulled over for doing 58 in a 55 mile an hour zone, obviously.

Antifa’s leaders would be shocked if they were arrested for destroying a statue of Abraham Lincoln. Just a month ago destroying statues was a felony. Now, it’s allowed. What will we allow a month from now? What will we allow by November?

The point is, things change fast, and that includes social standards. They change very quickly, too. Just a few weeks ago, defunding the police sounded like a crackpot idea. Now, it’s happening. Millions of Americans support it.

Many Republican officeholders haven’t thought very deeply about why this is. Even now, you’ll see them grin at the latest insanity from the left. “Can you believe this? They’ve gone too far this time,” they’ll say. “There’s going to be a backlash.”

Really? When exactly will that backlash arrive? Because the opposite seems to be happening. What seemed awful the other day is normal now. It turns out that if you don’t bother to explain precisely why certain ideas are bad — if you don’t defend your own worldview — then you lose.

Bad ideas spread. They quickly congeal into conventional wisdom, and then you’re done. This is especially true right now, when everything in American life is up for grabs. The lockdowns shuffled the deck completely.

Four months ago, you’d assume you were going to spend the next 20 years going into an office somewhere. Now, you’re working from your couch. You’re starting to consider maybe moving to Bozeman, and why wouldn’t you? And while we’re at it, what else should we do differently?

Normal people are starting to think like this. Once big things start changing, they tend to change more quickly than we expect. All of this means, this is precisely the time, right now, to defend the institutions that we desperately need to keep in this country.

Those institutions include the nuclear family, our freedom of speech, small independent businesses, absolute colorblindness under the law, the noble tradition of nonviolent protests. Those are the things that make us proud to be Americans. Those are the things that make America a place worth living in.

We need to defend these things with everything we have, all of us must defend them, including the president. That is his hope of reelection.

For the rest of us, it’s our only hope as a country.

Adapted from Tucker Carlson’s monologue from “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on June 25, 2020.

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Antifa and Black Lives Matter are the Democratic Party’s blackshirts and brownshirts to strengthen and protect our totalitarian fascist state

Tucker: The mob is an arm of the Democratic establishment

Over the weekend, as you likely know, officials in New York announced that they are tearing down a bronze statue of Teddy Roosevelt. That statue has stood on Central Park for 80 years. Antifa demanded its removal, so Mayor Bill de Blasio complied, and he is taking it down.

Few people ever could have imagined that Teddy Roosevelt would be canceled. Roosevelt was the most popular president in American history. He was also a war hero, a historian, a naturalist, a rancher, a chief of police, an author, conservationist, as well as a father of six.

At one point in Roosevelt’s extraordinarily busy life, he was also the governor of New York. This morning, the current governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, weighed in on his removal.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo: People are making a statement about equality, about community, to be against racism, against slavery. I think those are good statements. And it depends, you know, can you overdo it? Of course, you can.

But in New York, I don’t think we’ve overdone it. And I think that — I think it’s a healthy expression of people saying, “Let’s get some priorities here, and let’s remember the sin and mistake that this nation made, and let’s not celebrate it.”

Were you listening carefully to that? In the state of New York, the governor tells us, we haven’t overdone it. Destroying public property is “a healthy expression of people saying, ‘Let’s get some priorities here.'”

Okay, so that’s the standard set forth by a Democratic Party leader. Let’s think it through for a minute.

Andrew Cuomo lives in the Governor’s Mansion in Albany. Teddy Roosevelt once lived there, too. So did Governors Grover Cleveland and Franklin Roosevelt. By current standards, both Cleveland and FDR were racists.

Cleveland extended the Chinese Exclusion Act; FDR, of course, interned Japanese-Americans by the tens of thousands during World War II. Therefore, like the statues now lying smashed on the ground in parks across the country, the Governor’s Mansion in Albany, N.Y. is suffused with the spirit of white supremacy. Its very existence as an object is an act of violence against marginalized people. It cannot stand.

Should the mob burn it down? Would torching the racist Governor’s Mansion amount to a “healthy expression of people saying let’s get some priorities here.” What do you think? Are you crazy? Of course not.

Andrew Cuomo lives in the Governor’s Mansion. You get within 20 feet of that building, and he’ll have one of his goons shoot you to death. Andrew Cuomo is all for destroying things, just not his own things. And by the way, hands off New York’s a little latest monument, the Mario Cuomo Bridge, formerly the Tappan Zee, which Andrew named after his father. That’s off-limits, too.

Okay, so what exactly is “a healthy expression of moral priorities” in a moment like this? Keep in mind, this is a big country and not everyone has the same priorities. It may be hard to believe if you consume a steady diet of popular media, but not every single person in America is an upper-middle-class white kid from Brooklyn, with the predictable political views to match. There’s actual diversity of views out there.

For example, there are quite a few Muslim-Americans in this country, and many of them don’t love Mahatma Gandhi. They consider Gandhi a Hindu nationalist. Yet at the same time, there are dozens of statues of Mahatma Gandhi in the United States. One of them, in fact, stands right across the road from the vice president’s house on Massachusetts Avenue in Washington.

Are angry mobs allowed to rip them down? Would Gov. Andrew Cuomo consider that a healthy expression of priorities? It’s worth asking.

Or what if you didn’t like Martin Luther King? Most people do like Martin Luther King, but most people also like Teddy Roosevelt and George Washington. So clearly, popularity has no bearing on whether your statue is allowed to stand in this country.

So can you spray paint obscenities on Martin Luther King’s monuments if you don’t like him? How healthy would that be? These are theoretical questions. Obviously, you know the answer to them because you know the rules.

The rules are never spoken out loud, but they are obvious. America has two standards of justice. When they do it to you, it is social justice. If you dare to defend yourself, it’s a hate crime.

Consider what we’ve seen recently. How many stores and parks and statues and public buildings have been destroyed recently by rioters? How many churches and memorials and monuments to our fallen soldiers have been desecrated by them? Too many to count.

Now ask yourself, how many people have been held accountable for these crimes? Some? A few? No — hardly any.

Politicians applauded this destruction. Law enforcement has ignored it. Why is that exactly? Rioting is a federal crime; so is arson. So far, two people have been arrested and charged in the burning of the Third Police Precinct in Minneapolis. Two.

Video footage, which is everywhere — you’ve seen it — shows clearly that scores of people were involved. Authorities could identify them and charge all of them. We might have fewer riots if they did that. But no, the Justice Department isn’t interested in doing that. What are they interested in?

Well, let’s see. Recently, a NASCAR driver called Bubba Wallace claimed that someone left a noose in his garage in Alabama. The media reacted as if a war had broken out — wall-to-wall coverage. They made it precisely clear who the enemy was. And of course, countless syrupy segments on the dopey morning shows framing the whole thing as a milestone in the march toward civil rights.

Reporter: These scenes of unity coming just 24 hours after a noose was found in Wallace’s team garage stall, an area restricted to only essential personnel. NASCAR and the FBI are now investigating.

“These scenes of unity.” Unfortunately, no one covering this story ever bothered to ask the obvious questions. Where, exactly, was this noose — the actual noose Bubba Wallace kept talking about? No picture of it ever surfaced. And by the way, haven’t we heard this story somewhere before? Like repeatedly?

Between 2015 and 2018, there were six high profile so-called hate crimes involving nooses, all of them are promoted heavily by the media. Every one of them turned out to be a hoax, every single one of them. And that’s not even counting Jussie Smollett.

The odds that this news hate crime was real were always very small. It’s just not a very racist country, actually, in the end. Most of us know that.

But you’d never know it from listening to the authorities. The U.S. attorney suggested federal charges would be brought — brought against whom? That was never clear.

Meanwhile, the FBI swooped in by the vanload. The Bureau sent at least 15 agents to investigate this provocation against a millionaire racecar driver — 15 agents — at a time when mobs were roaming the country completely unchallenged by law enforcement, burning things, assaulting people.

In the end, as you may have heard, it was needless to say, yet another news hoax. There was no hate crime in Bubba Wallace’s garage. What does it tell you, that the FBI and federal prosecutors fell for this hoax so completely? Well, it tells you everything.

At the very moment Bubba Wallace was doing his star turn as America’s latest victim of injustice, lecturing his fans about the racism, being backed up completely by the morons who run NASCAR, a mob of violent lunatics was ripping down a statue of American patriot, Francis Scott Key, in San Francisco. On Key’s empty pedestal, they spray painted these words, which effectively are their slogan: “Kill the colonizers. Kill whitey.”

In other words, murder Americans for the color of their skin.

Now, you can argue about whether hate crimes ought to exist as a category in American law, and that’s an argument worth having. But as long as they do exist, that would seem to qualify as one and that the FBI did not swoop in with 15 agents to investigate. It’s not clear if anyone ever investigated because no one in power cared. If anything, they agreed.

And that’s the point. The mob does not operate independently from the Democratic establishment. The mob is an arm of the Democratic establishment.

In the city of Philadelphia, both the mayor and Larry Krasner, the district attorney we’ve told you about repeatedly, cheered as mobs set fire and destroyed public property there. But when a group of working-class Philadelphians tried to protect the statue of Christopher Columbus from being destroyed, Krasner threatened to prosecute them.

You’d think the mob will ever show up at Larry Krasner’s house? Not likely. In fact, no. Never. And by the way, Nancy Pelosi is also safe at her estate in Napa.

Democratic politicians don’t fear the mob. Notice that? Why? Because they don’t need to. They control the mob. The mob operates with their permission. These are their foot soldiers. This is their militia.

In unguarded moments, Democrats make it very clear that they know this. Here’s a revealing video shot just on Tuesday. In it, you’ll see Eleanor Holmes Norton, the non-voting Democratic delegate from D.C. to the Congress. You’ll see her being interviewed by a well-known MSNBC anchor near the White House.

Out of nowhere, a man dressed in women’s underwear charges at them because that’s the kind of moment we’re living in right now. And for a second, they were frightened. Watch what they said.

Andrea Mitchell, MSNBC anchor: Where are the police when you need them?

“Where are the police when you need them?” It was their first reaction. At the moment they said that, the two were standing on a street with a mural that demands we defund the police.

Of course, they missed the irony of that completely. It never occurred to them that the slogan might apply to them, too, because they know it doesn’t apply to them. They know they will always have police protection.

And the thing is, they’re right. They will. Federal law enforcement is entirely on their side. That’s why there have been so few prosecutions of rioting and so much FBI attention to Bubba Wallace’s fake hate crime.

Career bureaucrats in the federal agencies support the Democratic Party. That means they support the mob as well. It’s their militia, too.

Virtually every American power center now stands on one side of the political divide. What you’re watching in the streets is an attempt to crush the holdouts. Ask yourself, who is being targeted for destruction right now? Anyone who is not on board with their program.

That includes local police departments, Orthodox Jews, gun owners, Fox News, NASCAR fans, traditional Christianity. That’s not a random assortment of institutions. It’s the people standing in their way. There’s a reason that Black Lives Matter leader, Shaun King, yesterday called for the desecration of churches. That will bring those Christians to heel.

None of this should surprise us. We should have seen it coming. It was obvious. We’ve known for 50 years that much of the poison in our society emanates from the universities, but we have done nothing whatsoever to fix that. We’ve continued to fund them, no matter what they charged. We keep sending our children there.

We’ve known for more than three years that the federal government’s intelligence and law enforcement agencies are dangerously corrupt. They act as armed enforcers for the Democratic Party. That’s why Roger Stone is going to prison. They no longer even try to hide this or their partisan affiliation.

On Tuesday, a group of dozens of former National Security officials announced they will be campaigning for Joe Biden this fall. And yet, once again, in the face of mountains of evidence, we’ve done nothing about it. There has been no meaningful reform of the CIA or the FBI or any of the other terrifyingly powerful agencies that operate independently from our democracy and on the side of the Democratic Party.

We know all of this, but we still pretend they’re legitimate. We dutifully send in our taxes every quarter to pay their salaries. If there’s any good to come out of this moment — and we hope there is — it’s that we can no longer lie to ourselves about what is happening.

Our institutions are not serving all of us equally. Some are actively trying to hurt us. When this is over, we need to do something about that — this time for real.

Adapted from Tucker Carlson’s monologue from “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on June 23, 2020.

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Antifa Black Lives Matter is a totalitarian political movement to overthrow a capitalistic free market and free society

Tucker: Why mobs are tearing down America’s monuments

On Monday, a mob attempted to knock down a statue of Andrew Jackson. They spray-painted the base, trying to knock the statue down. In large letters, you can see it says “killer” at the bottom. Amazing.

This is happening all over the country as you know and there’s a reason for it. Over the weekend, most recently — doubtless, you’ve heard of this — city officials announced their plan to remove the statue of Teddy Roosevelt from outside New York’s Museum of Natural History. The bronze statue has stood there in the Theodore Roosevelt Rotunda facing Central Park since before the Second World War. Soon it will be gone.

People who erected that statue 80 years ago would be confused by this, no doubt. They did not consider Teddy Roosevelt a controversial figure. In fact, Roosevelt was the most popular president in American history. He was also the most American president. No other country could have produced Teddy Roosevelt.

Roosevelt’s virtues mirrored the values of America. He was physically brave. He was profoundly literate, highly self-disciplined and amazingly energetic. While still a college student, Roosevelt wrote a two-volume history of the War of 1812 that is still in print today. You can buy it on Amazon.

He was the youngest president in our history. He saved our economy from corporate monopolies. And by doing that, he made the American middle class possible. He created the national parks. He created the Panama Canal, the Food and Drug Administration, and then he kept going.

The list of Teddy Roosevelt’s achievements fills entire shelves of biographies. Those are in addition to the more than 40 books he wrote himself on topics ranging from Oliver Cromwell to cattle ranching to social justice.

Personally, Roosevelt was a famously decent man. In 1901, he invited his friend Booker T. Washington to dinner. No African-American had ever eaten in the White House. Democrats roared with rage at the idea. For the crime of having a meal with a black man, they attacked Teddy Roosevelt and his wife for the rest of their lives. But Roosevelt never bowed. He gave the finger to the mob, and he continued cheerfully on.

Teddy Roosevelt was a hero to millions of Americans. He still is. That’s precisely why they are tearing down his statue. They know that if they can force you to watch as they topple your heroes, they have won. There’s nothing they can’t do next.

They can decide how you raise your children, how you vote, what you’re allowed to believe. Once they’ve humiliated you, they can control you and that’s why across the country, mobs are tearing down America’s monuments.

In the cities of Richmond and St. Paul, Minn., they’ve torn down statues of Christopher Columbus. They did the same thing in Boston. Boston’s mayor now says it’s time to remove a statue of Abraham Lincoln, the man who freed the slaves. It’s racist.

In Dallas, they pulled the Texas Ranger statue out of the airport after more than 50 years. In Dearborn, Mich., they toppled the statue of the former mayor. They did the same thing in Philadelphia.

In Nashville, they pulled down a statue of a former U.S. senator. Same in Albany. In Oregon, Thomas Jefferson and George Washington were torn down. In San Francisco, the mob demolished statues of Ulysses S. Grant, Junipero Serra, and Francis Scott Key. On the pedestal of the Key monument, they spray-painted, “Kill the colonizers” and “Kill whitey,” just in case you missed the point.

One thing all of these Americans, now canceled, have in common: Not one of them fought for the Confederacy. Pulling down their statues had nothing to do with the Civil War — at least not the first Civil War, the one that took place 150 years ago.

Democrats understand that very well, and they support all of it. In every place where the mob has destroyed public monuments, Democratic leaders have backed them as they did it. But at the same time — and you should know this — so have many Republicans.

Last week a mob in downtown Washington, D.C. decided to tear down a statue of a man called Albert Pike. Pike was famous as a journalist and a poet and later as a prominent Freemason.

For less than a year, from late November of 1861 to mid-July of 1862, Pike served in the Confederate Army. Pike was later arrested for treason against the Confederacy, and he faced execution for that. But in the end, it didn’t save him from the mob. They set fire to Pike’s effigy as it lay on the ground.

At least one prominent conservative tweeted his approval of this. Republicans in Congress said nothing at all, and they could have. Pike’s now destroyed statue is owned by the National Park Service. It’s federal property. Tearing it down was a federal crime, but no one in Washington even considered enforcing that law.

Kevin McCarthy of California, the top Republican in the House, was not in a position to say much of anything. McCarthy has endorsed the removal of statues that the left has designated as racist. Last week, as violent mobs roamed the country destroying public property, Kevin McCarthy refused to acknowledge it on his official Twitter account. On Wednesday, McCarthy did manage to send a very emphatic tweet calling for sanctions against Syria “to hold the Assad regime responsible for its atrocities.”

Elected Republicans, almost all of them, are in no hurry to stop the disorder. They appear to believe what we’re watching is a version of the Rodney King riots from 1992. People saw an upsetting video on the internet, they’re angry, and that’s understandable. But they’ll calm down soon, and we can get back to cutting capital gains taxes and sanctioning Bashar al- Assad. That’s their view of it.

They are wrong. This is not a momentary civil disturbance. This is a serious and highly organized political movement. It is not superficial. It is deep and profound. It has vast ambitions. It is insidious; it will grow. Its goal is to end liberal democracy and challenge Western civilization itself.

This is an ideological movement. The ideas that fuel it have incubated for decades on college campuses. We paid for all of it, by the way. The rest of us were so thrilled that our kids got into Duke that we decided to ignore what Duke was actually teaching them and are continuing to send big checks. That was a mistake. It was one of the greatest mistakes we’ve ever made.

We didn’t appreciate the stakes involved at the time and as a result of that, we became easy marks for their lies. Even now, so many of us continue to pretend that this is about police brutalities, about the death of a man called George Floyd in Minneapolis.

We still imagine we can fix it by regulating chokeholds or spending more on de-escalation training. We are too literal. We’re too good-hearted to understand what’s really happening. Our decency is the mob’s main weapon against us. We have no idea who we’re up against.

For most people, the primary joy in life is the act of creation, making something good and useful, whether it’s dinner for your family or a deck off the back of your house or a solid day at work. The most profound act of creation, of course, is having children — new life itself.

Healthy societies celebrate all of this. They understand that the impulse to create is how civilizations are built. But they also recognize that there are forces arrayed against creation and they vigilantly defend themselves against those.

In every society, there are those who seek to destroy. They destroy for the same reason that troubled boys torture dogs or shoot house cats. Inflicting pain makes them feel powerful.

We used to call people like that anti-social forces. They still exist. We just pretend they don’t. Or worse, we excuse their behavior. We coddle them. We fund them. Wall Street sends them money in the hope that they will be destroyed last. The rest of us just look on confused. We don’t really know what’s happening, but the destroyers know. They know exactly what’s going on.

Never in American history have they been more emboldened than they are now. Just this Monday afternoon, around lunchtime, an activist called Shaun King issued the following demand on Twitter: “All murals and stained glass windows of white Jesus and his European mother and their white friends should also come down. They are a gross form of white supremacy created as tools of oppression, racist propaganda. They should all come down.”

Before you dismiss that idea as absurd, the rantings of some crank on social media, keep in mind that Shaun King is the most famous Black Lives Matter leader in this country. Black Lives Matter is now more popular than either major political party. So, don’t be surprised when they come for your church. Why wouldn’t they? No one is stopping them.

The forces of destruction have grand ambitions. It’s not just about the Teddy Roosevelt statue. They plan to rule this country. What will happen if they do?

Well, you may imagine that self-defense is bulwark against chaos. In this country, you assume you can always defend yourself and your family. That’s a pillar of our civilization, of all Western civilizations.

One woman assumed that, too. On Wednesday, she was driving through Louisville, Ky. According to local police, the woman found herself surrounded by protesters who were blocking the road. They stood in front of her car with a megaphone. She argued with them to let her pass. One of them produced a gun. The woman tried to flee.

When the woman stopped at a red light a block later, another protester pointed a gun at her. Again, she hit the gas and made it home alive.

On Sunday, National Public Radio published an article about the incident. The headline of that piece: “Vehicle attacks rise as extremists target protesters.” In other words, for trying to escape from being murdered, NPR called this woman an extremist who was “targeting protesters.”

Think about that and you’ll begin to understand why so few citizens have tried to stop the mobs as they pillage our country. Antifa doesn’t own the statues in your city’s parks; it doesn’t own your city. You do. You help pay for it. But what would happen if you tried to defend public property or even if you tried to defend your own property?

You know the answer. You’d be swarmed by federal agents, you’d be Roger Stoned with the help and complicity of CNN and NPR and so many others. You’d be the criminal. There’s no question. You’ve seen this happen before.

To a remarkable degree, federal law enforcement is now driven by political imperatives. Certain kinds of so-called hate crimes top the list of priorities. They’ll draw the FBI faster than you could summon the local police to your house during a home invasion, even when, as is so often the case, they turn out to be hoaxes.

Meanwhile, actual hate crimes — brutal crimes in which Americans are gravely injured — are ignored completely. They take place on our streets with shocking regularity. The media don’t cover them. They often go unpunished entirely.

That’s not speculation. There’s quite a bit of video of it online, some of it very recent. We’re not going to show you the clips. If you’re interested, go to the Twitter feed for the Matt Walsh blog before Twitter pulls it down. You’ll get the point.

But you already know. Laws are not applied equally in America. Some victims are considered more deserving than others, despite the fact we’re all citizens. Justice is not blind. Never in our lives has this been more true than it is right now, and is very likely to get worse. That’s the aim of this movement, of these riots — to overthrow the value, the principle of equality under the law.

After November, that trend could accelerate dramatically. And by the way, we should stop pretending that this is an election between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. There is no Joe Biden. The Joe Biden you remember no longer exists.

The babbling husk you see may have the same name and similar features, but behind the mask, there is nothing but a jumbled collection of talking points from the early 70s. “Turn on your record players.” “No malarkey.”

The candidate has no independent thoughts of his own. He has no core beliefs. He is empty. He’s a perfect Trojan horse. For the people who’ve taken over the Democratic Party, he is perfect.

Their plan is to ride him to power. Once there, someone tough and calculating and purposefully — Kamala Harris, probably — will change the country. How? Well, they’ve shown us how.

For three years, they told us that secret Russian agents had taken over the U.S. government. There was never a single piece of evidence to show that that was true in any way. It was a hoax. And yet it worked. They dominated the country with that lie, and that was their dry run.

Can we convince millions of people to believe something that’s completely absurd? Yes, we can. That’s what they learned. That’s the lesson. They’ll do it again.

This time the Russians will be Confederate sympathizers or Nazis or white supremacists or whatever other name they choose to give to their political opponents. It almost doesn’t matter. But once they pick one, they will gin up mass hysteria because that’s what they’re good at. The media will collaborate fully because that’s their job. And we’ll have another witch hunt, once again with the full support of federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies. And who knows, maybe the military too, because the threat is just that profound.

A few foolish souls will attempt to point out the obvious, what’s true. Of course, there are racists here, as there are everywhere. But overall, this is the least racist country in the history of the world. Millions of Africans want to move here. Many already have. Our last president was black. What are you talking about?

Those people will be silenced. Anyone who defies the narrative will be silenced. By that point, the category of hate speech will have expanded to include anything they don’t want to hear and will be criminalized, a federal offense. You watch. If they can tear down a Lincoln statue because it’s racist, they can ban the First Amendment. You don’t want to live in a place like that.

Who can save us from that? Well, as of right now, only Republicans can save us from that. Not because they are inherently virtuous, not because they want to — they don’t — but because they’re the opposition party to the extent they still have opposition to anything. We have no choice but to ask for their help. The Republican Party is the only power center-left in this country available to people who dissent.

It doesn’t matter who you voted for last time. This is not an endorsement of anyone’s policies. It’s an acknowledgment of who holds power and who doesn’t. And the Republican Party’s the only power center available.

On Friday, Vince Coglianese of “The Daily Caller” interviewed Donald Trump in the White House. Coglianese asked the president why he hasn’t sent federal troops to stop the chaos in cities like Seattle. Here’s what the president answered: “Right now, I think it’s great sitting back and watching this catastrophe.”

We understand the point he was making. These are liberal cities, and they’re destroying themselves. Their policies don’t work. This is what you get when you vote for liberals.

But it’s still the wrong answer. A president is responsible for all Americans, no matter where they live — for the country itself. Imagine if you had a bitter argument with one of your children. The kid runs out of the house and goes completely off the deep end and becomes a heroin addict, living on the street. But you don’t look for him. You don’t try and save him.

Instead, you brag that his drug addiction is proof you were right all along. “Right now, I think it is great sitting back and watching this catastrophe.” You wouldn’t say that. No good parent would say that. No president should say it, either.

We need help, and we need it right now. These are not protests. This is a totalitarian political movement, and someone needs to save the country from it.

Adapted from Tucker Carlson’s monologue from “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on June 22, 2020.

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Republican leaders abandoned conservatives and police officers and law and order during riots

Tucker Carlson: No one attempted to stop Democratic power grab, Republicans have let down millions
By Tucker Carlson

Published June 20, 2020

Fox News
You can be forgiven if the events of the last month caught you by surprise. You didn’t expect them. You’d become used to dismissing the American left out of hand as a joke, because they are.

Since the day Donald Trump was inaugurated, the Democratic Party has been helplessly disorganized and totally ineffective as a political party. They wasted years chasing invisible Russian agents, and then making weird and unintelligible sounds about something called “Ukraine.”

It’s still not clear what they meant by that. Their entire political strategy was bizarre and in the end, it was counterproductive. It hurt them with voters. They went down in the polls. Only buffoons do that in politics. These people couldn’t organize your kids’ birthday party. They didn’t make their beds this morning.

And yet suddenly, out of nowhere, they roared back and took over the country. They did it in less time than it takes most people to go on spring vacation. What happened? How did they do that?

Well, it’s simple. Nobody stopped them. There was no opposition to their power grab. The other side surrendered on Day One without a fight.

The rest of us watched all of this with our jaws hanging open in shock. It was the opposite of what we expected.

Millions of people regularly vote for the Republican Party precisely because they would like someone to protect this country from the crazed ideologues who seek to destroy it. There are many of them, you’re watching them on television now.

There’s not really another reason to vote for Republicans unless you happen to be one of those rare people who wants more pointless foreign wars and enjoys sucking up to banks. Most people don’t.

You vote for Republicans to protect you from this.

But when the moment of crisis came, Republicans ran away.

Major American cities were looted and burned on television. Citizens were beaten and murdered.

Works of public art were destroyed by the score. America’s history – those shared experiences that bind us together as a nation – was plundered and completely rewritten by illiterate vandals.

Everywhere as they watched, Americans were afraid. Afraid not simply for their safety, but afraid for their jobs, their reputations, afraid for their families.

Many Americans were fired abruptly in the middle of a severe recession – doomed to ruin – for nothing. For saying the wrong thing, looking the wrong way, liking the wrong tweet.

That happened. It’s happening now.

Some of the accused were so terrified, they denounced their own families – wife, brother, daughter – in the end, they were destroyed anyway. Because that’s what happens in purges. You’re destroyed anyway.

Most Americans assumed they would never live to see a moment like this, but they have, it’s still going on.

And the question that hangs in the air is: Where are our protectors?

At the height of the riots, the president of the Heritage Foundation – that’s the nation’s single largest conservative think tank, it has consumed billions of donor dollars – the president of Heritage wrote an op-ed accusing America of being irredeemably racist.

Her name is Kay Coles James. You probably have sent her money. As America burned, Kay Coles James, president of the Heritage Foundation, piled on. And she wasn’t alone in that. So many on the right did exactly the same thing.

Meanwhile, they did nothing, they didn’t lift a finger to help the people they had promised – they had pledged – to protect, their voters and their donors. Instead, they did everything possible to accommodate the demands of the people tormenting them – the rioters and the people who backed the rioters.

Congressional Republicans decided to make reining in law enforcement their top legislative priority. They blamed the cops, they didn’t blame the rioters, they blamed the cops. Then Republicans bragged about springing more criminals from jail. The last thing we needed.

In the state of Iowa, the Republican governor announced that she was giving felons the vote by executive order, not even waiting for the election, just doing it, signing it.

Meanwhile, almost everywhere, ordinary Americans came under attack for the color of their skin – acts of actual racism, where people were being hurt for their race, something they can’t control, something they were born with – and yet no Republicans rose to defend them. Republicans refused even to defend the principle of equality under the law, the foundation of this country, the most important thing we have. Not defended.

Really, in the end, the only people who gained anything in the revolution were the ones waging it. Our leaders – very much including our Republican leaders – shamefully, were focused on meeting their demands.

So what should we conclude from what we just saw?

The message, unfortunately, could not be clearer: voting is for fools. You vote, you put these people into office with your votes, and in return they patronize you. And when it matters, they abandon you. They have contempt for you. You know they do, you can smell it. It’s obvious.

Voting doesn’t work. But when your riot, and you burn things and you hurt people, you get a very different response.

When you do those things our leaders snap to attention. They tiptoe around your feelings, as Republicans are. They give you what you want, as Republicans are. Rioting works. That’s the message they’re sending. Think about that. It’s the most dangerous possible message you can send because it guarantees more violence.

You’ve got to wonder how all of this would have played out if Barack Obama was still president. Let’s say it was the summer of 2011, right before Obama’s reelection campaign started in earnest.

Imagine if, at that politically critical moment, violent mobs of Mitt Romney supporters began looting and burning major American cities, screaming racist slogans as they did it. Hard to imagine, but try.

Imagine if the Romney mob then defaced and tore down statues of Martin Luther King in public parks. Imagine if every street sign in America identifying a Martin Luther King Boulevard was suddenly ripped to the ground and defaced with graffiti.

Most Americans would find that appalling and disgusting – we certainly would.

But let’s say the mob kept doing it, because nobody stopped them. Imagine if the people who planned to vote for Barack Obama in the fall knew they couldn’t admit that in public – if citizens wearing Obama hats were physically assaulted, punched in the face, thrown to the sidewalk and kicked.

Imagine if anyone who spoke out against the mobs, or showed support for Obama’s campaign, was censored or de-platformed by tech monopolies that operated at the pleasure of federal regulators.

Imagine if those same monopolies censored President Obama himself.

So ask yourself sincerely: If all of that happened, how do you think Barack Obama would have responded? By tweeting angry things? By effectively apologizing to the mob, meeting their demands for “reform,” and then declaring a new national holiday at their request?

Probably not.

It’s hard to imagine Barack Obama doing that. It’s hard to imagine him complaining that, as president of the United States, he didn’t have the power to stop political violence, or preserve the integrity of an election, or protect free speech, or public art, or the nation’s history itself.

No. That would not happen.

Instead, within about 10 minutes, you would see the Obama Justice Department indict every single person involved, on federal conspiracy and civil rights charges. You would watch as SEAL Team Six reclaimed downtown Seattle. You’d see airborne units drop from the sky into Atlanta, Minneapolis and Portland.

You would see whatever it took to stop the chaos. That revolution would not last long. Say what you will about Barack Obama, and we do, but he never doubted he had the constitutional authority to act and he did act. Obama knew a threat when he saw one.

Our Republican leaders don’t believe they have the authority, they don’t believe they’re legitimate, they don’t see the threat. They don’t want to see the threat because they know they can’t face the mob. They know they’re too weak. And so they offer trinkets and hope the mob will go away, but it won’t. Mobs can’t be sated.

We thought Republicans understood that. That’s why we supported them. But this crisis has revealed the truth. Now we know who they are. It could not be clearer and now it’s time to find new leaders.

Adapted from Tucker Carlson’s monologue from “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on June 19, 2020.

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Liberals and their media are attacking absolute equality under the law

Tucker Carlson: There’s a reason racial tension is rising in America – it’s by design
By Tucker Carlson

Published June 19, 2020

Fox News
If you’ve been paying attention recently, and you probably have, you’ve likely sensed that something profound is happening to this country right now, something that could transform what America is. You can feel it happening.

Our leaders deny it. Officials on both sides reassure us they’re not planning wholesale changes to the country. They’re just trying to fix specific problems.

A man was brutalized by police officers in Minneapolis. Another man was shot to death in the parking lot of Wendy’s. Those things were bad, they are telling us, and abuses like that are what they are fighting against.

They say we need new laws, more good faith, more attention to injustice, and that sounds right to most Americans. Americans are decent people. They want to do the right thing. Certainly, Republicans in Congress appear to believe all of this — or maybe they’re just so scared, they pretend they believe it.

Either way, just Wednesday, the GOP leadership enthusiastically backed a Law Enforcement Reform Bill. They’re proud of that. They seem to think that reining in the police will fix the underlying problems. And pretty soon, we can all get back to living in 2014 again. Republicans appear to believe this is a policy debate.

Is anyone in power defending absolute equality under the law? If there was ever a time to remind America that we all have equal value under God, that time is right now. But no. No one in charge is saying that. Our leaders are cowards when we need them to be brave. They are muddled when we need them to think clearly. It’s possible they no longer even believe in equality.

But Democrats know better than that; they don’t lie to themselves. They understand there is a revolution in progress. The death of George Floyd may have sparked widespread outrage — sincere outrage — and they may share that outrage. But they also know that what is happening now has very little to do with George Floyd or people like him. Like all revolutions, the point is to destroy the current system and replace it with something new.

Or replace it with what? That’s the question the rest of us should be asking right now. We should know what’s coming.

We know what we have now. Our current system has been in place for hundreds of years. It’s based on a very simple idea: All people are created by God with equal moral value. Period. Every one of them.

For that reason, and that reason alone, all Americans are treated equally under the laws of the United States. In this country, we judge you for what you do, not how you were born. That idea has been the defining principle of America since the 18th Century. It’s the main reason we are the fairest society in the world. It’s the reason people move here.

To the extent America has failed to live up to that principle of equality, we are ashamed of it — we should be. Equality is the most important thing we have. We should defend it. We should practice it.

Now for the first time in our history, we’re witnessing a broad and powerful attack on the principle of equality. Daily, we are told that all people are not in fact created equal. Some were born with moral stain, others were not. Some Americans are guilty, some are innocent. Nothing can change this because it was all determined at birth. All we can do is respond accordingly.

People in favored groups must be held to one standard. Those in disfavored groups, the morally tainted ones, must be held to another standard. The country retains one set of laws mostly for the sake of formality. But we must apply those laws in very different ways, according to the DNA and the background of the accused.

If that sounds familiar, it’s because this kind of system we just described — this system based on heredity and blood guilt — has been very common in history. It was the rule in feudal Europe, for example, and the totalitarian regimes on that continent more recently. It’s still in practice in parts of the world.

In North Korea, children are sent to prison camps for the sins of their ancestors. And unfortunately, we have seen it here, too. You may have wondered how politicians could have justified practices as perverse as slavery and Jim Crow in a country with a constitution like ours and the answer is simple — by arguing that not all people are created equal.

Some had lesser moral value from birth. That’s what they said. Those people carried the stain of sin with them. You are allowed to treat them differently based on who they were.

The promise of absolute equality under the law is all we have. Laws are designed to protect the weak, not the strong.

At the time, many understood that this was a lie. Slavery persisted for hundreds of years, but there were always some in authority who considered it evil. Not evil simply because it was abusive, which of course it was, but because the existence of it violated the central principle of this country. And they were right.

Where are those people now? Look around. Is anyone in power defending absolute equality under the law? If there was ever a time to remind America that we all have equal value under God, that time is right now. But no. No one in charge is saying that. Our leaders are cowards when we need them to be brave. They are muddled when we need them to think clearly. It’s possible they no longer even believe in equality.

Forty years ago, this was a middle-class country and as a result, America had strongly egalitarian values. Pretty much everyone used commercial airports and ate at McDonald’s. Do you remember that? People talked without irony about their rights as citizens and taxpayers.

You couldn’t pay extra to jump to the head of the line at Disney World. The idea that someone like Jeffrey Epstein could beat a sex charge because he was rich would have shocked us then. We would have demanded an investigation into just how Jeffrey Epstein died. Why? Because Americans hated corruption. They saw corruption as an offense against equality.

That was 40 years ago. Things were moving in the opposite direction ever since. We now accept, uncritically, the claim that some people deserve better treatment based on how they were born, and some deserve worse.

This is the most poisonous and the most destructive of all ideas. Other nations understand that. Rwanda has made it a crime to make ethnic appeals during elections — to practice identity politics — because they know very well where that leads.

Yet, identity politics is accelerating here. It shouldn’t surprise you that most of the people pushing this poison are benefiting from it. They’re using the recent chaos to codify dangerous trends already in progress, a permanently unequal society where some citizens are elevated and others are crushed. Winners and losers preordained by law. That’s the country they’re working toward.

At the same time — and this is always the tell — they lecture you with maximum self-righteousness about how they’re doing precisely the opposite of that. What they’re really doing, they claim, is upholding equality under the law. “No one is above the law,” they scold, meaning you aren’t.

You are not above their laws. You must obey those laws to the letter,or you will face certain punishment. Others, meanwhile, get a pass for an entirely separate set of laws. Revolutionaries don’t acknowledge universal standards. Increasingly, they admit this out loud. They’re not pretending anymore.

In California, Democrats are moving to repeal Proposition 209. Proposition 209 explicitly bans racial discrimination in hiring and education. In other words, Democrats in California are now fighting for discrimination. This is not considered strange in 2020. No one even mentions it.

A couple of weeks ago, Gov. Andy Beshear of Kentucky announced plans to bring universal health insurance to his state, but not for all citizens, just for people with the right skin color. Everyone else would pay, but only certain ethnic groups would benefit.

Andy Beshear is still in office. No one has tried to impeach him for suggesting this because ideas like this are everywhere now. They’re totally unchallenged.

This is the most divisive possible way to run a country. If you wanted to make certain that your children would hate each other, you would hold them to different standards, and they certainly would. There is a reason that racial tension is rising in this country — it’s by design.

But race is not the only dividing line. The coronavirus lockdowns have nothing to do with race, with white or black, thank God. They’re probably the only thing in America right now that doesn’t. Quarantines are instead scientific. They’re purely a matter of public health. That’s what they told us and we believed them. We sat passively as they destroyed our country’s economy as they indicted Americans for trying to make a living.

And then the Black Lives Matter riots started, and we learned that it was all fake. The very same officials who threatened us with arrest for going outside urged their own voters to flood the streets. And they did, and no one was punished.

How could this happen? It was such a flagrant, double standard, not even hidden, right in your face. They didn’t try to explain it. They didn’t bother to justify it. Why?

Anyone familiar with totalitarianism regimes can tell you exactly why and what’s going on. This is ritual humiliation. Forcing people to accept mistreatment is a time-tested way to subdue them. Of course, we’re not treating you fairly, they’re telling us. You don’t deserve fairness. You deserve what you get. That’s the message.

And after awhile, the population accepts this. Some believe it. They blame themselves. That’s the goal. But we should never accept it. The promise of absolute equality under the law is all we have. Laws are designed to protect the weak, not the strong.

At the moment, the people leading this revolution against our system are strong. That’s why they’re trying to subvert our laws. If they succeed, there will be nothing to protect the rest of us in this country. We cannot let them do that.

In the United States of America, all of us are equal under the law. Period. Say that as loud as you can.

Adapted from Tucker Carlson’s monologue from “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on June 18, 2020.

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Google and Big Tech are censoring free speech

Tucker Carlson: Google and Big Tech are the chief threat to our liberties – and no one is protecting us
By Tucker Carlson

Published June 17, 2020

Fox News
On Monday night, we did something we don’t do very often. We spent the entire first block of the show on a single topic.

We told you about Black Lives Matter. We told you what Black Lives Matter believes. We told you what the group plans to do to our country as they amass unprecedented amounts of power. The segment went on for nearly 20 minutes, and by the standards of this business, it was probably way too long. There was a lot to say.

But in the end, a lot of people saw it. The show turned out to be the most-watched hour of primetime television in the country on Monday. It out-rated everything else — cable and broadcast news, entertainment and sports.

We never talk about ratings, and we’re definitely not telling you this to brag about it. There’s already more than enough bragging in television, that’s for sure. In any case, nothing in television lasts forever. Next week, we’ll probably get beaten by a 3:00 a.m. re-air of “Gilligan’s Island” or a four-hour “Love Boat” retrospective. That’ll probably happen.

The point of telling you this is to remind you that you are not alone. You may feel like you are. Suddenly your opinions qualify as crimes. Dare to say what you think at work, and you will be fired in the middle of a recession. Write what you think online, and you will be silenced by the Big Tech companies.

So, you keep your views to yourself. You have no choice. A lot of Americans are doing that right now. They’re staying quiet. And of course, that’s the point of censorship — to keep people isolated and alone to prevent a consensus from forming that challenges those in charge. If you’re forced to shut up, they can do what they want to you and your country. That’s why they do it.

But Monday night’s show suggested they have not yet succeeded, though they’re trying. Millions and millions of Americans agree with you. You are not crazy. Your views are not evil.

What is happening to this country right now is completely and totally wrong. And that will be obvious to everyone someday when our French Revolution has ended.

For now, most are too afraid to say that. One of the reasons we get to say that and often do is that Fox News is an independent company. We are not dependent on the progressive tech monopoly, Google, to make a living here. Thank heaven.

Most media companies are dependent on Google. Google controls 70 percent of all online advertising. So, if you’re in the news business, you obey Google. When Google tells you to do something, you do it. You have no choice. They can bankrupt you in a minute, and they will.

In all of human history, no single entity has ever had more control over information than Google does right now. So, if you’re worried about the concentration of power in the hands of a few unaccountable actors — and you very much should be — nobody has more unchecked power than Google does.

On Tuesday afternoon, NBC News decided to use some of Google’s power to shut down a couple of its competitors. Power is useful for that. An NBC employee called Adele-Momoko Fraser forwarded Google executives a screenshot from a leftwing activist group in England denouncing two sites, ZeroHedge and The Federalist as “racist.”

Google is acting directly to shape what people can say and what they’re allowed to speak. It’s a direct effort to stifle free speech.

Google immediately took the bait, of course. The company threatened to ban both news organizations from Google’s ad platform. In other words, to cut off their revenue.

Adele-Momoko Fraser was thrilled by this. She immediately fired off a victory tweet boasting about the censorship she had inspired. She called the two sites “far-right.” That’s a term that has no meaning but does suggest some kind of immoral behavior that Adele-Momoko Fraser disapproves of.

At the end of her tweet, she thanked the activists who helped her to silence competing views “For their hard work and collaboration!” — #BlackLivesMatter with three raised fists at the end. Adele-Momoko Fraser seemed very satisfied with herself. She had done her part for the revolution today.

So what did ZeroHedge and “The Federalist” do to deserve this, to be demonetized? Well, we asked Google, and they told us that the two sites maintained unmoderated comments sections. In other words, readers get to say what they want. Google finds this intolerable.

Faced with destruction, The Federalist had no choice but to submit to Google. The site deleted its comments section entirely. No more saying what you think about articles on “The Federalist.” Google has banned that now.

ZeroHedge still does have comments. So, it has been demonetized. We’ll see if they can continue operating.

All of this raises an interesting question, though. Google says it now holds conservative websites responsible for the comments of their readers. And yet, irony of ironies, thanks to a special carve-out Google has received from the United States Congress — something called Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, remember that — Google itself is not responsible for content on its platform because the Congress says it doesn’t have to be.

So, if you’re slandered by someone, for example, and that slander passes through Google servers, you cannot sue Google over it. Google is immune from the consequences. Immunity is a very nice thing to have if you’re a big company. Fox News doesn’t have it.

But again, thanks to Congress, Google does have immunity, and that’s one of the main reasons that Google’s founders are some of the richest and most powerful people in the world. Because Congress allowed them to be.

Sen. Josh Hawley has pointed this out. Let’s hope he and his colleagues act soon to revoke this privilege. If Google will not extend 230 protections to others, Google should not enjoy those protections itself, obviously.

Google should have faced these consequences a long time ago. Congress should have done this years ago. It’s been clear for a very long time that the Big Tech monopolies have now surpassed the federal government as the chief threat to our liberties.

Tucker Carlson, 2017: Google is the most powerful company in the history of the world. It’s the portal through which the bulk of our information flows. That means that if Google isn’t on the level, neither is our understanding of the world. To an unprecedented extent, Google controls reality.

Now, Google has already shown a disturbing willingness to distort reality for ideological ends.

And now it is happening. Google is acting directly to shape what people can say and what they’re allowed to speak. It’s a direct effort to stifle free speech. All of that is even truer today.

So why hasn’t the Congress done anything about this? Well, we’d love to ask Sen. Mike Lee of Utah. We invited him on the show. He would not come. We’ve invited him before, he would not come then.

Why do we ask him? Because Lee chairs the Senate Antitrust Subcommittee. He is the man who could do something to protect you from Google, but Lee has not bothered to do that. Instead, Mike Lee repeatedly has taken the side of the Big Tech companies over your constitutional rights — the constitutional rights Mike Lee is sworn to uphold and protect but refuses to.

So, the question is, why is Mike Lee still sitting in the United States Senate? He should not be in the Senate, that is for sure. We are hoping Mike Lee is soundly defeated in his next primary by someone who cares about the Constitution and more to the point, about protecting Americans from the actual threats they face. We are fervently rooting for that day. We will celebrate it when it happens. We trust it will.

So, how about House Republicans? Well, this spring, Congressman Doug Collins, the ranking member of the House Judiciary Committee, and Jim Sensenbrenner, the ranking member of the Antitrust Subcommittee, released a letter defending Google and the other tech monopolies from scrutiny. They attacked any investigation of the tech companies that might have “preconceived conclusions that large tech companies are inherently bad or must be broken up.”

They actually wrote that. Who is paying these guys? And more to the point, whose side are they on? Again, let us hope for a vigorous primary challenge to these two and any who share this view.

Year in and year out, we vote for these people in the fervent hope they will stand up for us when it matters. Now it matters. And now, like every time before, they sell us out.

Time is up. Seriously, it is too much. The stakes are too high. We need better leadership. We need someone to protect us. Nobody is.

Adapted from Tucker Carlson’s monologue from “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on June 16, 2020.

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Tucker Carlson calls Robin DiAngelo’s book, “White Fragility,” “an utterly ridiculous book,” “poisonous garbage,” and “a crackpot race tract”

“White Fragility” is a wildly popular book

Below is a transcript of a segment from “Tucker Carlson Tonight” appearing June 24, 2020.

Tucker Carlson: Well the best-selling book in the country right now, in case you haven’t checked the rankings, is not a spy thriller. It’s not a young adult fantasy novel. It’s a short political book. It’s called “”White Fragility”.” Soon it may be required reading at your children’s school. It may be already. So what does it say?

We read it and we have a report after the break.


The best-selling book in America last week wasn’t anything by JK Rowling. It was a tract called “White Fragility” by Robin DiAngelo. It’s a hit and not a small hit. “White Fragility” has sold so many copies that the paperback edition is out of stock on Amazon. Schools and companies across the country are ordering it in bulk.

Deloitte is pushing it, so is NBC and Harvard Business School. The CEO of American Airlines was recently photographed reading the book. This fall “White Fragility” is likely to be required reading at your children’s school. You may soon be told to study it on a corporate retreat. So it’s worth knowing what it is, what it’s about exactly.

We read the book and we’ll sum it up for you in four words: white people are racist. Not just racist white people: all white people, whether they’re six years old or a hundred years old. All of them are by definition racist. They are racist because they are white. Only white people are racist. No one else is.

Book says you’re racist no matter who you are

Robin DiAngelo tells people this for a living. She’s a professional anti-racist educator. She shuttles between schools and boardrooms telling people if their DNA make them evil. She makes big money doing this. Last year, for example, the University of Kentucky, a publicly funded University, paid DiAngelo twelve thousand dollars for two hours of this message. The school could have used that money to give poor black kids an education but instead they handed the cash?—that’s more than a third of what the average American makes in a year?—to a not very bright white lady to tell them they’re racists. In other words, Robin DiAngelo has a very good gig.

Author makes money telling people they are racist

Of course, not everyone likes her message. Telling people they’re racists is fine if they actually are racists. But what if they’re not racists, and most people in this country are not.

Well, let’s see, how would you like it if someone called you a child molester or a wife beater? You probably wouldn’t like it very much. In fact you could lose your job for that; you could lose your friends; you could even lose your family. You might feel pretty threatened by that accusation.

Ah-ha, says Robin DiAngelo, that means you’re guilty of racism! Feeling threatened is definitive proof that you’re a racist. You’re defensive: you’ve got white fragility, hence the title of the book.

Feeling threatened is proof that you are racist

By the way, if you’re not threatened when someone publicly denounces you as racist, that is also proof that you’re a racist. Either way, my friend, you are a racist. Logic is clearly not Robin DiAngelo’s specialty. Neither is literate writing or clear thinking. She is a complete and total idiot. That’s one thing you learn by the end of her book.

And yet our leaders treat Robin DiAngelo with great respect. They think she’s a genius. That tells you everything about them and also the moment we’re living in. The dumbest people suddenly have the most power.

In the book, DiAngelo goes on to make a number of other ridiculously false claims. laughably false. Some of them are so obviously the opposite of what is actually true you’ve got to imagine she was grinning as she typed the manuscript. “Will they believe this?” Yes.

White Fragility makes ridiculously false claims

In America, DiAngelo writes, quote, “we are socially penalized for challenging racism.” Really? Where, and how? The country the rest of us live in the United States of America hates racism. Hating racism is effectively our national religion. Every organization we have is organized to stamp it out. Commit racism and the FBI shows up.

We are socially penalized for challenging racism

Come on, it’s just too absurd to be real. But Robin DiAngelo isn’t really trying to convince anyone. The real point of her book is to defeat and demoralize you. DiAngelo claims that everything you really want, everything that people of every color really want, in every society in the world, is a sign of white racism.

The point of the book is to demoralize you

You want to live in a safe neighborhood? You’re racist for that. You want to send your kids to a decent school? You’re a racist for that. All of your dreams are racism and the only way to atone for this racism is to give up those dreams, to abandon your aspirations, and make sure that your family lives a much worse life.

For white people, DiAngelo writes, quote, “discomfort is necessary and important.” Needless to say, DiAngelo does not address the millions of white people in this country who already live in perpetual discomfort because they are impoverished. She doesn’t mention the entire counties in rural America where virtually no adult man has a full-time job, where there are no dentists, because no one can afford to go to the dentist.

White comfort maintains the racial status quo, so discomfort is necessary and important

Robin DiAngelo has never met people like that. No doubt she would hate them if she did. Instead DiAngelo’s book is effectively addressed to entitled urban professionals as silly and frivolous and self-loathing as she is: her friends.

In DiAngelo’s world, economics play no role in anything. They don’t matter. Everyone she knows has a high-status job and a secure job. They’re not worried about unemployment. They don’t care about income inequality. They’re on the right side of it. These aren’t problems for them.

Elite author oblivious to country’s real problems

Remember, DiAngelo herself gets paid $6,000 an hour to talk. She’s not concerned about paying the rent. And in fact, DiAngelo explains at one point, worrying about economic injustice is just another symptom of, brace yourself here, racism, of “White Fragility.” Get it? Maybe you’re starting to understand why corporate America absolutely loves this book. Why? Because Robin DiAngelo absolves them of their crimes.

Apple and the health insurers and the credit card companies get off scot-free because the real problem Robin DiAngelo tells them is white racism, and what a relief that is for them to learn. 6,000 dollars an hour is a small indulgence to pay for that kind of forgiveness. Thank you, Reverend DiAngelo, we appreciate the house call.

In sum, “White Fragility” is an utterly ridiculous book. It’s ironies are so profound they make your head spin. A book about racism that is far more aggressively racist than anything Louis Farrakhan has ever written. A book that claims to side with black people but instead patronizes them and demeans them like their children. A book about systemic injustice that is in fact itself a sly defense of the very people perpetuating the worst injustices in our society.

Book props up worst offenders of injustices

Everything about “White Fragility” is poisonous garbage, and it’s not an overstatement. And that will be obvious to you the second your kids bring it home from school. Or the moment the corporate HR director in your office lays a copy of it on your desk. And you should say so when that happens.

Don’t be passive. Speak up loudly. It is your right to disagree with Robin DiAngelo. What she says is wrong, it’s crazy, it’s destructive, and it ferments hatred.

We are Americans. We’re allowed to do that. The second we are forced to accept the premises of “White Fragility,” we won’t be Americans.

By the way, the main reason that a crackpot race tract like “White Fragility” and many books like it spread so rapidly in this country is because of American higher education. It is filled with rot and that rot spreads. Even now our public K through 12 schools are woke propaganda mills promoting racial division and hatred of the country that makes them possible.

Effort to turn schools into woke propaganda mills

Adapted from Tucker Carlson’s monologue from “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on June 24, 2020.

[The above is a transcript of a segment appearing on Tucker Carlson Tonight on June 24, 2020. The views and opinions expressed on Tucker Carlson Tonight are solely those of Tucker Carlson and his show, and do not express the views and opinions of the Barefoot Accountant, William Brighenti, or Accountants CPA Hartford, Connecticut, LLC.}

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The Left is trying to end free speech and overturn the First Amendment in addition to the Second Amendment

Tucker: There’s no value more American than free speech
Liberals working to crack down on the First Amendment, ban speech they don’t like.


It’s hard to think of an ideal more American than the freedom of speech. When people say our soldiers fight and die for our values, what they mean is our freedom to say what we think is true. That’s our birthright. It’s the most important thing we have, that we have ever had.

And so for generations, there was a bipartisan consensus about this. In fact, liberals were among the most stalwart defenders of the First Amendment and good for them.

But then the left took control of this country’s institutions. Liberals became the establishment they had one opposed, and suddenly free speech seemed like a challenge to the highly profitable existing order, the one they were getting so rich from.

So our schools began to teach our children that freedom of speech is a threat. In fact, it’s immoral. And over time the kids started to believe it. Why wouldn’t they?

At this point, nearly 60 percent of young people believe we should change the First Amendment to ban speech they don’t like. Now changing amendments is hard. Two-thirds of Congress would have to approve a change like that.

But on campuses, many students aren’t waiting for Congress to act. They’ve decided to impose censorship right now. Recently, kids at the purportedly impressive Northwestern University try to ban Jeff Sessions from speaking out loud.

It’s funny, you know, if you’re a middle-aged parent, sometimes you’re at dinner parties with other middle-aged parents and they’re talking about — bragging really — about what schools their kids go to and got into. You know, “Cody got into Northwestern. It’s really the Harvard of the Middle West.”

And you think, yes, that’s probably pretty impressive, right? No, that’s actually what it looks like. It’s not impressive at all! It’s pathetic.

A lot of these shallow neurotic narcissists that we’re making fun of will, in the end, wind up running this country. Those people writhing on the floor about how they’re so “threatened” — they’re going to be in charge.

Northwestern, by the way, is home to what they claim is a prestigious journalism school. And yet the student newspaper there apologized for daring to cover the Jeff Sessions event.

“Nothing is more important than ensuring that our fellow students feel safe,” the editors later explained, as if reporting was somehow a threat to student safety.

Meanwhile, over at Harvard, the student government association on campus — which, not incidentally, is the single most overrated collection of people on planet Earth — passed a statement condemning the student newspaper on campus because — listen to this — it had dared to ask the federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency (ICE) to comment on a story.

They didn’t endorse ICE. Someone just called up and said, “Hey ICE, can we get a comment?”

Now, ICE didn’t respond and didn’t provide a comment, but it didn’t matter. More than 650 students at Harvard — Harvard — signed a petition condemning the paper for contacting ICE.

The young Democrats at Harvard’s campus issued a statement claiming the paper had “deliberately chosen to put our students in jeopardy.” One campus activist group is now urging a boycott of the newspaper because calling ICE was just that scary.

It’s pretty funny.

On the other hand, it’s really kind of ominous because our meritocracy is essentially fraudulent, and our system is completely rigged for the benefit of a few. A lot of these shallow neurotic narcissists we’re making fun of will, in the end, wind up running this country.

Those people writhing on the floor about how they’re so “threatened” — they’re going to be in charge. They shouldn’t be. But because the system is rigged, they will be. They’ll be making the decisions that affect your life and the lives of your children and grandchildren.

And these are the people who literally couldn’t care less about the First Amendment or any amendment, or in fact, any document that might limit their power in any way. They consider themselves gods, and they’d like you to shut up and obey. And they’ll use force if they have to.

So what kind of place will America be when those people take over?

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