Are you experiencing long waits calling the IRS?

sleeping phoneI am still holding on a call to the Internal Revenue Service, even though I called (800) 829-0115 two hours ago. This telephone number is the one often included in notices from the Internal Revenue Service for overdue business taxes.

I had called Friday and held on the phone for over 90 minutes before realizing that perhaps no one was available because of the sequester. I had become accustomed to 30 minute waiting times when calling the IRS, but it appears that they have been increasing dramatically over the recent past.

Also the processing time of Form 1023, Application for Recognition of Exemption Under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, appears to have been increasing dramatically, too. Currently it is assigning applications received in April of 2012. Hello: is it not August of 2013 now?

Back in 1992, the Internal Revenue Service had in its employ 210,000 agents; the last time I checked several years ago, the number employed was approximately 190,000. There appears to be a serious problem involving staffing at the Internal Revenue Service, and it needs to be addressed.

The Barefoot Accountant

I’ve been trying to get through since last week.  I experienced the same results last week and earlier this week – giving up each time.  The past two days were even better – I entered all my information and they told me they were too busy to even put me on the line to wait and to call back another time!  The timer is about to hit two hours as I am waiting now.  This is amazing….

I totally agree. I thought it was just me, having this issue. I am currently on hold, and my phone is saying 130 minutes has passed. This is so unprofessional, especially dealing with taxes and IRS business related issues. Hope they rethink this Customer Service, and correct this big problem.

Yes, I was hold two hours yesterday and figured I fell out of line somehow……so I even had the nerve to disconnect and recalled, stayed on hold about another hour until I had to leave for day.   Today, I’ve been on hold 62 minutes thus far……what to do next ??   I’m ready to hear a different back ground song if nothing else

The Barefoot Accountant
LOL! Those are my wife’s sentiments exactly: the same jingle, over and over again, drives her completely nuts. If only it would allow you to select your hold music. Personally, I prefer the 1950s and 1960s oldies. Hey, I got one: “Hold On, I’m Coming”, by Sam and Dave!

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3 Responses to Are you experiencing long waits calling the IRS?

  1. D.T. Cameron says:

    Our tax return for ’12 was rejected. Someone else had already filed using my ssn. The IRS tells tax fraud victims to expect up to a 180 day wait for their refund. Well, guess what…we’re now closing in on 300 days. Many phone calls and always the same advice: call again in a month.
    At this point, I have just two questions. Number one, is it possible that we’ll never get our refund and, number two, do our phone calls actually do any good or are they just a waste of time?

    • I am very sorry to hear about your difficulties with the Internal Revenue Service. But I am not surprised. The IRS is understaffed and lacks sufficient CPAs on its payroll.

      I have known individuals who have waited over a year to straighten out a mess involving stolen SSNs. I know one thing for certain: if you do not keep pursuing your refund from the IRS, you may never get it!

      Who did your tax return for 2012? Did the preparer offer any advice upon your notification of a delay in your refund? Did your tax professional advise you to under-withhold this year in an amount equal to your tax refund?

      There’s more than one way to skin a cat.

      The Barefoot Accountant

  2. john woody says:

    I have neen on hold with them for 4 hr 26 min so far Took a pic of my phone to prove it. This cant even ne possable

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