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JOBS: Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act. Legalizing Fraud in the Stock Market. Interview of Matt Taibbi by Eliot Spitzer on Viewpoint, Current TV, April 9, 2012. Video and Transcript.

Is the JOBS Act another replay of the disastrous tech-stock bubble of the late 1990s. Eliot Spitzer interviews Matt Taibbi, contributing editor of Rolling Stone, on Viewpoint, April 9 2012, to discuss the JOBS Act. Both Matt Taibbi and Eliot Spitzer feel that the JOBS Act is just another Wall Street ploy to legalize fraud in the stock market. Continue reading

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Controller and Genghis Khan: Failure of Accounting Systems at Small Companies
by William Brighenti, CPA

If you’re the controller or chief accountant at a small company, chances are that your boss is a Genghis Kahn. Herein is a depiction of a not uncommon situation facing a controller at a small company today as well as … Continue reading

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