Wearechange.org interview of Glenn Greenwald on the next four years with President Obama. Greenwald predicts “it’s all going to get much worse”.

Interviewer:  As soon as Obama was reelected,  it was reported that there was another drone bombing in Yemen that affected innocent civilians.  Is this is a sign of things to come, to continue with the Obama administration, or do you think it is going to get better or worse?  What’s your expectation over the next four years with Obama as president?

Glenn Greenwald:  I think it’s all going to get much worse.  You know, there’s this theory that he can be liberated from these policies now because he has won his second term and no longer needs to move to the center–but I think the center’s actually where he prefers to be–and I think the theory that is more compelling is that he no longer needs the base of the Democratic party or progressives.

I think you are going to see him do a bunch of policies that will anger his base:  he is eager to do that.  And I think accelerating these counter terroism policies of the Bush administration is definitely something that’s on the horizon.

Interviewer:  This is what perplexes me because there’s really isn’t much outcry or criticism of him on the left or the right on these policies specifically.  Why do you think that is? Why isn’t there such an outcry like there was under George W. Bush?

Glenn Greenwald:  I think conservatives are actually being pretty principled and commendable even though their views are repulsive in that they were supportive of these policies whether there was a Republican president, and they didn’t change their minds and start attacking Obama over them. They have stayed supportive.  If you look at what any right wing figure says when asked about drones or assasinations or Guantanamo or indefinite detentions or secrecy or any of that, they sing Obama’s praises, including people like Dick Cheney or Michael Hayden, the former CIA Director in the Bush years.  So they are being totally consistent.

The people who are being inconsistent and unprincipled are progressives, liberals, Democrats, who pretended to be so outraged by these policies during the Bush years.  And I remember a lot of Republicans saying that they were only making these complaints, and voicing these grievances, for partisan opportunism.  And it turns out that they were totally right because these policies under the Obama administration don’t bother the vast bulk of these very same progressives who were shrieking about it when there was a Republican president.  In fact, many of them have become outright supportive.

So when you combine the principled support of conservatives with the grotesque opportunism of Democrats, what you have is a fairly substantial portion of the citizenry who is supportive of these policies.  And therefore the controversies that were in the Bush years no longer exist.

Transcribed by The Barefoot Accountant
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Why you should not vote for Barack Obama for President, and why you need to vote for Rocky Anderson

Barack Obama: “We cannot settle for a second Gilded Age in America.”

Narrator: Four years ago Barack Obama was elected on a promise to change the way things work in Washington.

Barack Obama: “Washington is broken. My whole campaign has been premised from the start on the idea that we have to fundamentally change how Washington works.”

Narrator: But you can’t say you want to change the game and still play it.

Rocky Anderson: “This country is being transformed in dramatic ways. Our government is bought and paid for and we need to put it to an end.

We’re not going to put up with them toadying to Wall Street anymore. Goldman Sachs through its own PAC and through its employees gave over a million dollars to Barack Obama four years ago.

There hasn’t been one prosecution by the Obama administration of anybody on Wall Street for committing the kind of fraud that helped lead to the 2008 meltdown.

The Republicans and Democrats alike both feed at the same trough of special interest money and continually betray the public interest.”

Unknown Speaker: We functionally have a government that is not Democrats or Republicans but that is six major industries. The politicians are more happy to work for those who write the checks at the expense of the balance of our country.

Barack Obama: “I have said repeatedly that money is the original sin in politics and I am not sinless.”

Tim Russert: “There seems to be a real inconsistency the amount of money you raise and where it is coming from and your rhetoric.”

Narrator: But there is always more rhetoric.

Barack Obama: “We need to end an era in Washington where accountability has been absent, oversight has been overlooked. You need leadership you can trust to work for you: not for the special interests that have their thumb on the scale.”

Rocky Anderson: “Republicans and Democrats are in collusion. It’s got to come to an end.”

Barack Obama: “Ask yourself if those same candidates are taking millions of dollars in contributions from the PACs and the lobbyists, who are they going to be toasting once the election is over.”

Narrator: Good question.

It’s time to take our country back. It’s time to stand up, break the cycle, end corporate rule, and restore our democracy.

Rocky Anderson: “We have done a dismal job in protecting and nurturing our republic.

The American people want to see change. We need a party, we need candidates, we need people in public office who are pledged to change the system and get the corrupting influence of corporate and other concentrated wealth out of our system of government.

This is not America. This is not who we are or what we believe in.

We won’t let up. We will demonstrate our love for our nation by always speaking up and taking whatever action is required to keep our republic.”

Rocky Anderson, the people’s candidate, standing for us, and with us. There is a better choice in 2012.

Barack Obama: “We can either have an election in which we are taking on the root causes of special interest dominated politics in Washington, or we can ignore the
problem and we can wake up four years from now and still be talking about an energy crisis, and still be talking about a healthcare crisis, and still be talking about a tax bill that’s not fair to you. I don’t want to wake up that way.”

Narrator: Neither did we.

But we are awake. And your time is up.

Rocky Anderson 2012.

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President Obama says that he cannot change Washington from the inside

Here is President Obama on Univision talking about how you can get change in Washington.

“And the most important lesson I’ve learned is that you can’t change Washington from the inside. You can only change it from the outside. That’s how I got elected. And that’s how the big accomplishments like health care got done was because we mobilized the American people to speak out. That’s how we were able to cut taxes for middle-class families.

So something that I’d really like to concentrate on my second term is being in a much more constant conversation with the American people so that they can put pressure on Congress to help move some of these issues forward.”

But didn’t you, President Obama, promise us “hope and change”, “change we can believe in”, “change the way Washington works”?  Isn’t that why we elected you four years ago?  Now you are telling us, four years later, that you can’t change Washington being President?!  If such is the case, then why do we need you at all?

Sounds like the biggest alibi I have ever heard, Mr. President.

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The video Linda McMahon, Connecticut Republican candidate for the US Senate, may not want you to see?

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Linda McMahon is running for the US Senate in Connecticut. For twenty (20) years, she ran World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) with her husband, Vince McMahon. A few years ago, a documentary film examined the WWE’s celebration of violence against women. Her campaign doesn’t want Connecticut voters to see that film. Watch these excerpts from the film to see why.

The “Huffington Post” recently published an article on Linda McMahon’s candidacy for the US Senate for Connecticut. This article was written by Jackson Katz, educator, filmmaker, and author. In that article, he observes that although McMahon has repositioned herself as “an advocate and role model for working women”, until her run for the US Senate after stepping down as the CEO of the World Wrestling Entertainment company, “she was one-half of one of the most culturally destructive, and blatantly misogynistic, business partnerships in the history of popular entertainment. Under Linda and her husband Vince McMahon’s leadership, over the past twenty years the WWE has featured some of the most brutal, violent and hateful depictions of women in all of media culture.”

Mr. Katz was “a major contributor on and off-screen to an educational documentary about professional wrestling that was released by the Massachusetts-based Media Education Foundation in 2002. Entitled ‘Wrestling with Manhood: Boys, Bullying and Battering,’ the film examined in detail the almost-unimaginable sexism, homophobia and racism of the WWE”, including “numerous clips from WWE programs, interspersed with commentary and interviews with wrestlers and fans.”

Katz observes in the article that “WWE lawyers have been hard at work bullying countless web sites, including YouTube, to remove these clips [from WWE programs], because viewers who watch them come away not only horrified by the sexist abuse, but also much more critical of the McMahons and their eagerness to cater to the culture’s lowest common denominator.”

Katz then goes on to state that “instead of showing her as a ‘role model for businesswomen,’ those clips from WWE programs expose the shamelessness of McMahon and her husband Vince’s quest for profit and power, a shamelessness that extends to their willingness to glamorize sexual and domestic violence in the name of ratings and ticket sales.”

Herein is the video entitled, “Only Entertainment”, recently removed from YouTube on the grounds that it violated copyright laws. Was that the real reason for its removal?

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Cenk Uygur says President Obama will definitely cut the entitlements of Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid

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Cenk Uygur says President Obama will cut social security, medicare, medicaid

Cenk Uygur: According to Bob Woodward’s book, “The Price of Politics”, President Obama once called himself a “blue dog Democrat”. In fact, according to Woodward, quote, President Obama said,

Obama:  “I’m a blue dog. I want fiscal restraint and order.”

“I’m a blue dog. I want fiscal restraint and order.”
-President Barack Obama

There is nothing wrong with the second half of that sentence. Everybody wants fiscal restraint and order. The question is, how do you do it?

But the fact that President Obama has called himself a blue dog is news: blue dog Democrats are conservative Democrats; they are not progressive Democrats.

So that’s what I have been telling you all along. Now apparently that’s what President Obama is telling you. So all this thing about, “oh, no, no, he is a progressive; he just has a different way of getting there.” No, by his own admission, he is a blue dog.

Now, Bob Woodward explains further:

Reid and Pelosi are resistant to cutting any entitlements

“The book show that he doesn’t control [Senator Nancy] Pelosi [former Speaker of the House] or [Senator Harry] Reid {Senate Majority Leader]. They were resistant to cutting any entitlements.”
-Bob Woodward
Author, “The Price of Politics”

Now I give you that quote, and Woodward was interviewed by Sam Seder, I give you that because why would Reid and Pelosi have to fight him if they wanted to protect entitlements? That’s because President Obama wants to cut entitlements. That’s why they have to fight him.

Now here is something else that he apparently already proposed in negotiations to the Republicans. Woodward says,

Obama proposing to raise the Medicare age up from 65 to 66 or 67

“[They were doing] several little things {talking about the negotiations}, like increasing the Medicare age from 65, up to, eventually, 66 or 67.”
-Bob Woodward
Author, “The Price of Politics”

Now that was not a Republican proposal; that was President Obama’s proposal. So there it is. He has already proposed it, he will propose it again to increase the retirement age for Medicare.

So “I can’t believe the Republicans would go after Medicare”, and I can’t also wait to raise the retirement age. Do you know how much money that takes out of your pocket when they raise the retirement age? Two more years. It’s not like, oh, yeah, yeah, I get the same amount of money but two years later. No, you don’t get the money when you are 65 and 66. That’s money that you would have gotten that you don’t get. That’s a huge robbery.

Again, you pay into social security and Medicare. They can’t wait to take it away from you. In fact, there’s no need in speculating about what President Obama said. After the 2011 negotiations broke down, he said this, and I quote:

Obama offere an additional $650 billion in cuts to social security, medicare, medicaid

“We then offered an additional $650 billion in cuts to entitlement programs – Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security.”
-President Barack Obama

That’s when he was bragging about, “hey, I was willing to negotiate with Republicans. I gave them this great offer where I cut Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid”. You just saw it. That is exactly what President Obama said.

So you don’t think that he is going to cut it? He is going to cut it. But I keep repeating it not because I am crazy enough, like it is the most obvious thing in the world, and I keep coming out here and saying, the sky is blue, the sky is blue. It’s because the rest of the media and the rest of the Democrats and everybody else goes along and says, the sky is totally purple, purple all the time.

But he says it himself. How can you not believe it.

All right, more. President Obama says,

Obama will bring his resistant Democratic Party along to cut entitlement programs

“I am willing to move on entitlement reform – even if my own party is resisting, and I will bring them along.”
-President Barack Obama

How much clearer does he have to be? He wants to cut entitlements: Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security. He is going to cut it. And he says, I’ll drag my party, screaming and fighting, if I have to do it.

Now look, it’s before an election, and some Democrats say, this is not the time to talk about this. No, before the election is the perfect time to talk about what the candidates are going to do. And by the way, part of the reason I bring it up here is because our only hope of stopping this runaway freight train is to get President Obama on the record before the election saying definitely that he will not cut those programs.

After the election you have lost all leverage. That he is going to do what he has been dying to do.

Do you know that he told the Washington Post even before his inauguration in 2009 that “I am going to cut entitlements.” How obvious is it.

Finally, when they asked President Obama’s spokesperson … now this is the campaign trail, they are pretending that they are going to protect social security and medicare as opposed to the Republicans. Would the Republicans do worse? Yes, they probably would, right? But don’t pretend that President Obama is on your side in protecting these things. He has no intention. His main claim to fame is that he won’t butcher them as much as the Republicans would.

Obama has always been willing to make hard choices

So when they asked Ben LaBolt about it, he said,
“President Obma has always been willing to make hard choices to confront big challenges.”
-Ben LaBolt
Obama’s spokesman

You know what that means. That means, we’re cutting them. Hard choices means hard choices from your ass, not for the rich or the powerful. We’ll pretend that it’s hard.

Do you know when it’s hard? Right before an election to say that I am going to cut your social security and your medicare. That’s hard. After an election it’s easy, especially if you are never going to run for another election again.

So let’s make it hard on him. Every member of the press should ask this incredibly important issue. If you are in a town hall meeting or at a President Obama speech, you should ask him: “Will you say that you will not cut social security and medicare under any circumstances.”

I guarantee he doesn’t say it because he is going to do it. So our only hope is to get him on the record in the middle of a heated election where he cares about his own prospects and political career that he will finally say, okay, okay, okay, I won’t cut it. That’s the only hope we have.

Cenk Uygur says we have to confront Obama on his plan to cut entitlements

Transcribed by
The Barefoot Accountant

The Barefoot Accountant

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The super rich have evaded taxes on as much as $32 trillion of assets hidden in secret tax havens

James Henry: It’s kind of like measuring the size of a black hole. We looked at unrecorded outflows from developing countries. We looked at data that the IMF and the Bank for International Settlements has on cross-border deposits. And we also looked at the assessments that the private banking industry does.

This business is dominated by about fifty global banks. Many of them got bailout money in the last five years but they collectively own just among those banks alone more than twelve trillion dollars of funny money that’s evading tax.

BBC Interviewer: Okay, as you say, evading tax. So this money could really turn things around, couldn’t it, for the global economy. Let’s just bring it back to Europe, if we may, and Britain in particular. How much is going offshore from Britain which legitimately could be used perhaps by the tax authorities?

James Henry: You know, oddly enough, it’s easier to tell you how much is going out of countries like Brazil or Mexico than it is Britain. The authorities that have access to the data don’t release it on that level. So I can get data from the IMF and the World Bank on developing countries on that but it’s very hard to tell how much is going out of Britain.

But we do know that collectively the total is at least twenty one trillion dollars which is about maybe thirteen to fourteen trillion pounds. It’s an enormous sum. It is sitting there. The good news is it’s there. Maybe we can figure out a way to tax it or bring it home.

BBC Interviewer: So let’s explore that. How do you do that? I mean is that a question of getting all the banks to agree to sign up to something to prevent this because, of course, it’s perfectly legal, isn’t it, a lot of it in terms of tax avoidance schemes and things.

James Henry: Well, you know, as Dennis Healy once said, the difference between tax avoidance and tax evasion is a prison wall. You know, the industry pays a lot of money to lobbyists to write tax codes so that you practically need a judge in the room to figure out whether you are obeying the law.

So I think it comes down to this. That ordinary people owe taxes. Small business, that can’t afford these schemes, this kind of chicanery, that don’t have the representation in the Halls of Parliament, are having a hard time paying the bills, and it’s costing the Treasury an enormous amount every year. I think the non-dom issue in London is well known as an example of that. It doesn’t seem to be make sense for a lot of the taxpayers.

But you end up having the tax base for essential services like schools and hospitals and police and fire, just have to be paid, and they end up being paid by people who are unable to avoid tax. They pay it through sales tax.

And we’ve seen that all over the world, this phenomenon of the richest people in the world being able to hide their money offshore and avoid income taxes while everybody else is having to pay the bills.

BBC Interviewer: Okay, so briefly what are you saying? The only recourse is to try and appeal to their better judgment, to appeal to their morality?

James Henry: No, it’s not a matter of morality. I mean, I think the time has passed for that. We need tougher laws that crackdown on what I call pirate banking. That’s the business these people have created of providing these services across all the havens in the world. It is not only banks but also lawyers and accountants who specialize in sheltering funny money.

Secondly we need to have things like automatic information exchange among tax authorities so that they can figure out who is evading.

And I think thirdly we could really think about seriously about getting developed countries together and agree on what we did with, you know, the airline ticket tax. Let’s just have a simple minimum tax on all the assets that are sitting there from all kinds of shady sources, sitting there in banks, maybe a point five percent tax would be enough to raise a hundred billion dollars a year.

And you know, it would require collective action but you know there’s no simple magical bullet that doesn’t require collective action. And right now we are in kind of a dueling situation where different countries are competing to cut taxes. It’s just not working.

Transcribed by The Barefoot Accountant

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We Can’t Waste Another Election Voting for Million Dollar Candidates Who Serve the One Percent: Rocky Anderson for President 2012


Both Parties are bought and paid for50 million Americans don’t have health insurance.  

“467,000 jobs lost….”  

“The pharmaceutic industry made a killing….”  

“…why no criminal prosecutions?” 

“…the federal government increasingly dysfunctional.”  


“34 billion dollars in bonuses to their employees….”  


“A tent city has gone up for those who have run out of options.”

“No jobs, no health insurance.” 


“The corporations, by law, are not being made….” 

$375 billion and counting for this loss…. 


“Gas prices remain at their record highs….” 


“Pharmaceutical and insurance companies spent tens of millions of dollars lobbying on healthcare legislation….”


“The largest corporations are paying no taxes….” 


“…a breach of American justice….”

“Goldman Sachs’s top executives boasting about the profits they made during the housing crisis….” 


“Indefinite detention of American citizens without due process….”

Rocky Anderson for President 2012IT’S TIME FOR REAL CHANGE 

Real Change Takes Courage

Rocky Anderson:  “We will not be silent.  We will continue to raise our voices regardless of political parties.” 

Cities decayingIt Means Opening Our Eyes To The Reality That We Have Been Sold To The Highest Bidder

Rocky Anderson:  “Blind faith in bad leaders is not patriotism.”

Rocky Anderson:  “Congress and the White House have been conducting themselves as if they are on retainer with Wall Street.” 


Homeless ManOur message IGNORED 

Rocky Anderson:  “The American people need a choice.  The Democratic and Republican parties:  where they brought this country is absolutely tragic. 

We Can’t WASTE another election voting for MILLION DOLLAR Candidates Who Serve The One Percent

Eviction NoticePresident Obama:  “At the pace things are going right now, you are going to have to ask whether you are better off than you were four weeks ago…And you can decide whether your representative is actually representing you.” 

for how long?  Will we bail out their CEO’s? 

Rocky Anderson:  “We will do everything we can to get the corrupting influence of corporate and other concentrated wealth out of politics.” 

Rocky Anderson:  “This is the kind of skewed justice that we have…It’s bribery, pure and simple.” 

Endless WarsFund their endless Wars?  and Reward their Negligence 

President Obama:   “We will not take a dime from Washington lobbyists or special interests or special interest PACs.  We are going to change how Washington works.” 

At least 15 Obama Fund-raisers Now Work In the Lobbying Arena Pouring $5 million Into his campaign – NY Times

Help ForeclosureHelp Foreclosure … Forclosures … Eviction Notice … I Want to Work:  Paychecks Pay the Bill … BANK CRIME SHOULDN’T PAY … GREED KILLS … END CORPORATE PERSONHOOD! 




Now It’s Time We Stood Up For Ours

An end to corruptionRocky Anderson

An End to Corruption in Government
No Special Interest Money
Essential Health Care for All
Immediate End to Wars
Strong Leader on Climate Change
Criminal Accountability and Oversight
Fair Taxation
Reversal of Citizen’s United

Rocky Anderson:  “It is up to us.  We can restore the rule of law.  We can reinvigorate our democracy.  We can recommit to Constitutional values and to our vital system of checks and balances, if only we will.” 

Our Voices

Our Time

Our Candidate

Rocky Anderson 2012

Rocky Anderson:   “I’m Rocky Anderson and I approve this message.” 

Paid for and Approved by Rocky Anderson Our President 2012


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Senate Republicans prevent passage of the Bring Jobs Home Act to end tax breaks for corporations for outsourcing jobs overseas!

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Outsource outrageEliot Spitzer: When did the words, made in America, become a partisan issue. Today Senate Republicans blocked the “Bring Jobs Home Act”, a bill that sounds simple because it is. The bill would eliminate tax deductions that exist for the costs a company incurs moving jobs overseas, and instead, give a tax break for companies that return jobs to America. Yet the Republicans super minority would not even allow a vote on the bill. This prompted an incredulous response from the bill’s sponsor, Senator Debbie Stabenow.

Senator Debbie StabenowDebbie Stabenow: What in the world is going on when we can’t come together on the simple premise that Americans should not be paying for jobs shipped overseas.

And a simple explanation from Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid.

Senator Harry Reid: It is fairly easy to see why Republicans are blocking our bill to stop outsourcing. They are obviously defending their Presidential nominee.

Joining us now to shed some light, if possible, on the Senate Republicans actions today, Senator Bernie Sanders, Independent from Vermont. Senator, as always, thank you for joining us. Explain this to me. I just don’t get it. It seems like plain vanilla and apple pie. What are the Republicans objecting to?

Senator Bernie SandersSenator Bernie Sanders: Well, Eliot, I am the wrong guy to ask on that. I have no idea. I think what most Americans perceive, Eliot, and it goes far deeper than just this legislation, or this particular tax break, is that we off hemorrhaging decent paying manufacturing jobs in this country.

In fact, people don’t know this, in the last ten years, Eliot, we have lost sixty thousand factories: in the last ten years, millions of decent paying jobs. And anyone who goes shopping knows how difficult it is to buy a product manufactured in the United States of America.

In my view the real culprit here are disastrous trade policies, such as NAFTA, permanent normal trade relations with China, which have asked American workers to compete against people around the world who make pennies an hour.

But be that as it may, what today’s proposal was, was very, very modest. What it says is that right now, you can get a business tax deduction if you shut down a plant and you send your machinery to China or to Mexico or someplace else. That’s an expensive proposition. And you can deduct that from your taxable income.

And so what the bill did today says, you can’t do that. In fact, however, if you want to move from China back into the United States, we will allow you to deduct those expenses. We will encourage you to come home.

So I think it is pretty much of a no-brainer. We got three Republican votes. But once again they filibustered this important piece of legislation.

Eliot Spitzer: In my view the hidden hand of the US Chamber of Commerce behind the Republican opposition—we can get to the politics in a moment—but the Chamber of Commerce opposing this under the pretextual ridiculous absurd argument, we don’t want to make the tax code complicated. Ha, ha, ha.

Bernie Sanders: Look, Eliot, we should be very clear about this. Outsourcing is—you know, I think Harry Reid appropriately said about Mitt Romney—that has been the business model for major corporations for the last many many years. It’s no great secret. What they have understood is that if you shut down in America, you can do business in China, pay people pennies an hour, you bring your products back into the United States.

So my own view is the Democrats have not been as strong as they should be in really changing trade policy. But this particular tax proposal is really a no brainer. You should not give a tax break to somebody who shutting down in this country and aiding and abetting them to move abroad.

Eliot Spitzer: I agree with you and your premise about our trade policy. And this compounds it because we are subsidizing it in our tax code. This was just limiting the tax code. But in their imitable style the Republicans wouldn’t even let it to come to a vote because their master, the Chamber of Commerce, said if you vote against it, we’re going to include this in our annual tally. Am I right?

The Chamber of Commerce spends more money, even in the DNC, in advertising about people’s votes. And so this was a sort of Damocles hanging over the Republican party and they caved as they always do.

Bernie Sanders: Absolutely. The Chamber of Commerce spends a whole lot of money on campaigns, on lobbying. They have enormous influence in the Congress, especially on the Republicans.

Eliot Spitzer: Well, this is one in a series of issues where the Republicans don’t even permit a vote on the floor on the substantive matters, the Disclose Act, a few days ago, now this.

We really are living in a moment of tyranny of the minority in the Senate. We got to end this filibuster crisis.

Bernie Sanders: I think that’s absolutely right. Look, you know the Senate is supposed to be, as opposed to the House, the deliberative body, things are supposed to move a little bit more slowly. I can accept that. We all respect minority rights. You don’t want to shove things through without minority having the opportunity to make their case.

But there is something wrong when the minority can time after time after time stop majority will. On this issue I believe the overwhelming majority of the American people think it is absurd to give a tax break to help a company shut down and move abroad.

We had fifty three people in the Democratic caucus voting yes, a good majority, all the Democrats, and you had three Republicans: fifty six votes. That’s a pretty good majority. Couldn’t get it passed because the Republicans filibustered. We needed sixty votes.

Eliot Spitzer: As you think, it is important that you had the two senators from Maine and also Scott Brown saying, we’re not going to toe the line with the rabid Republican Chamber of Commerce arguments here. And I think that is important and hopefully the public will appreciate that.

Fiscal clift issues: you know, a lot of chatter these days. We are approaching the clift,
no parachute, no compromise, hostages being taken. What is going on in your view and what should we do?

Bernie Sanders: Well this is, Elliot, an enormous issue and I hope, you know, you and I and the American people just have the time we need to really discuss this hugely important issue.

Here’s the point: the United States has a sixteen trillion dollar national debt, a one point two trillion dollar deficit. Serious business, but we have to understand how we got to where we are. We have to understand that when Bush became president, we had over a two hundred billion dollar surplus and were on our way to significantly reducing the national debt.

What happened is our friend in the White House, George W. Bush, and his Republican deficit hawk friends, went into two wars, and the great deficit hawks, Elliot, you know what? They forgot to pay for the wars.

And then they give huge tax breaks to billionaires, and then Wall Street brought about this recession, which significantly lowered the revenue coming into the Treasury. You add all of that up, we have a serious deficit crisis.

And our Republican friends are saying, well be that as it may, the solution is to cut social security, which by the way had nothing to do with the deficit, Medicare, Medicaid, education, infrastructure, etcetera, and that’s how we’re going to balance the budget. But, say the Republicans, we are not going to ask the millionaires and the billionaires who are doing phenomenally well, whose effective tax rate is the lowest in decades, to pay a nickel more in taxes. That, in a condensed way, is the issue that we are debating.

Eliot Spitzer: Senator, you made the accurate persuasive factual arguments; unfortunately none of that matters in Washington anymore or certainly not to the Republican party, not to Mitt Romney. I don’t know what to say. I would die to take that clip. Send it out to every voter and say, listen to Senator Bernie Sanders. He is the one who gets it right time and time again.

Senator Sanders, as always, thank you for your time tonight.

Bernie Sanders: Thank you, Eliot.

Unofficial transcript by:
The Barefoot Accountant
Accountants CPA Hartford, Connecticut, LLC
Certified Public Accountant
Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor

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Cenk Uygur attacks Maria Bartiromo and CNBC for protecting the fraudsters on Wall Street

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The Aggressive ProgressiveCenk Uygur: Back in the days, Governor Eliot Spitzer was, of course, the Attorney General of New York, he used to be known as the Sheriff of Wall Street. Why? Because he actually went after people who committed financial fraud.

Apparently CNBC hates this. He was recently on with Maria Bartiromo and they got into a debate about how he went after the former CEO of AIG Hank Greenberg.

I want to show you the clip, and more than this, I want to talk about her general attitude towards her job. So watch the clip first.

Maria Bartiromo attacking Eliot SpitzerEliot Spitzer: Hank Greenberg’s accounting was fraudulent.

Maria Bartiromo: C’mon, you can’t say fraudulent because there is no indictment: you can’t just throw around the word fraud.

Eliot Spitzer: Here’s the federal judge’s opinion that says he was a conspirator. Here are the headlines: his company throwing him out.

Maria Bartiromo looking onMaria Bartiromo: So then why no charges: why six out of eight charges dropped then?

Eliot Spitzer: You want to know why? The answer is we charged the company, cleaned it up, got new leadership, the Southern District said to me, we are going to bring the charges. We let the Southern District. This has all been documented. We said, you want to do that, that’s fine.

Cenk Uygur: So here is what I find amazing. AIG paid one point six billion dollars because of fraud. Now why would Bartiromo think, oh, you think they are just going to pay $1.6 billion if they didn’t commit the fraud? They have an army of lawyers!

Hank Greenberg himself paid a fifteen million dollar fine for fraud. But Bartiromo’s default position is: protect the financial industry; protect the people who are in power; protected the establishment. And this guy who actually try to do something about fraud you must attack him, you must destroy him in order protect the establishment.

This is exactly what’s wrong with the establishment media and CNBC in particular. All they do is protect the guys who are doing fraud. You are supposed to represent us, your audience, not those guys. Unfortunately they totally misunderstand that.

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