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Cenk Uygur to Democrats: no more excuses. During Weiner distraction GOP advances radical agenda. Standing strong: time for Democrats to fight GOP cuts. Fight the right: Democrats try to refocus. Cenk Uygur MSNBC TV Live June 17 2011 video and transcript

No more excuses for Democrats. With the distraction of Democratic Representative Anthony Weiner’s sex scandal gone, what issues should the Democrats focus on now? Cenk Uygur leads a political panel, debating vigorously with Democratic Oregon Representive Earl Blumenauer, who serves on the Budget Committee and who appears to have already caved in to Republicans, for Democrats to represent the middle class on opposing social security cuts. But it appears that Democrats have already agreed to raise the retirement age to 70 years of age, caving in once again to Republican and Wall Street pressures. Continue reading

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