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Ralph Nader and John Nichols and Bill Curry autopsy the Presidential election

“Trump didn’t hijack the populism, the Democratic Party made a gift of it to him. And he simply accepted it. … that elite … made a decision that in the midst of a global insurrection against political corruption and economic oligarchy that Hillary Clinton’s ‘pay to play’ politics in global finance capitalism would somehow play better than Bernie Sanders Democratic Socialism. … they ignored every poll they had, all the data they had, and even all the anecdotes they could possibly have accumulated in order to reach the conclusion that Hillary was a stronger candidate than Bernie. … And I remain certain that if anyone other than Clinton – and certainly if you accept for just one moment that when all the polls said the right things by such wide margins for so long they might be right – Bernie Sanders could have won this had he been the nominee, like Roosevelt took out Landon.” Continue reading

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Is Rocky Anderson the spoiler or the moral alternative in the 2012 Presidential election?

Is Rocky Anderson a spoiler in the 2012 Presidential election or is he the moral alternative that we must choose in order to save our country from its corrupt political and financial system Continue reading

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