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Mendte: Lawmakers have too many days off. Members of Congress only work half a year.

All you hear today from Congress is the need to cut: cut waste, cut spending, cut the budget. But how about cutting the number of weeks vacation that members of Congress get every year? Are you aware that members of Congress take a week off for virtually every weekday holiday and weeks off for the big holidays, accumulating nearly twenty-six weeks of vacation time every year? Talk about waste! How about cutting their vacation time? Let them just take the same number of holidays and vacation that we are allotted: the seven (7) major holidays and a couple of weeks off for a vacation. So instead of 26 weeks, let them set an example and get 3 weeks off. It’s time to cut, alright, it’s time to cut all the time off members of Congress get. Maybe by cutting all the time off, Congress will get something done and fix our economy. Continue reading

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