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War on the middle class. Corporate profits are way up, but there is no trickling down to middle class, and no creating of jobs for middle class.

Remember that trickle down nonsense of the Ronald Reagan years, if you give huge tax breaks to the rich, the money will trickle down to you? Well, it didn’t. All it did was pass huge deficits onto you and your children. So once we wised up to that voodoo economics, the Republicans reworded the trickle down nonsense into the following con: if you give huge tax breaks to the rich and big corporations, then the big corporations and rich will create jobs. Well, the rich have had huge tax breaks since the Bush tax cuts, extended by Obama. And guess what? Even though the big corporations profits are way up this year, there are not any jobs? Why? Because labor in China work for $.25/hour. So those corporations keep sending the jobs to China. Continue reading

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