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  1. Karen Silva says:

    please sign me up for your newsletter

  2. Jeffrey Douglass says:

    You should have a more stright forward acceptance to your news letter. Simple, means: Sign up here for the news letter:
    email address_____________
    Thank you,

  3. Paul Thomas says:

    Got a question re your post I write as a contractor for a company that pays me part with cash, say $300/quarter, and grants me free access to its premium web services. It issues me a 1099-MISC for the access, giving a commercial value for the access of $5K. The access is a condition of acceptance of the contract.

    In addition to the services I render to fulfill the contract, I render various other services, such as participation on a committee, interaction on discussion boards helping paying subscribers to the premium web services, and so on. If I were billing for those hours, the value of those hours would be roughly equivalent to the 1099-MISC amount for the premium access. (Say 200 hrs at $25/hour.)

    Is there some way I can list non-cash barter expenses in contravalue to the non-cash 1099?

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