With Joe Biden we get fascism: the collusion of government and corporatism

Tucker Carlson: A Biden victory would usher in the Age of Oligarchy | Fox News

If Joe Biden wins, the tech companies, the big banks, Beijing and the billionaire class will have won as well

Editor’s Note: This article is adapted from Tucker Carlson’s opening commentary on the Nov. 6, 2020 edition of “Tucker Carlson Tonight”

Tucker Carlson:  Who exactly is Joe Biden, the man who may be our president come Jan. 20? The truth is, as of right now, we don’t really know.  We have no clue what Joe Biden actually thinks, or even if he’s capable of thinking. He hasn’t told us and no one’s made him tell us for a full year.

n fact, it’s becoming clear there is no Joe Biden. The man you may remember from the 1980s is gone.  What remains is a projection of sorts, a hologram designed to mimic the behavior of a nonthreatening political candidate: “Relax, Joe Biden’s here. He smiles a lot. Everything’s fine.” That’s the message from the vapor candidate.

So who’s running the projector here? Well, the first thing you should know is that the people behind Joe Biden aren’t liberals. We’ve often incorrectly called them that. A liberal believes in the right of all Americans to speak freely, to make a living, to worship their God, to defend their own families, and to do all of that regardless of what political party they belong to or what race they happen to be born into or how far from midtown Manhattan they currently live.

A liberal believes in universal principles, fairly applied. And the funny thing is, all of that describes most of the 70 million people who just voted for Donald Trump this week. Most of them don’t want to hurt or control anyone. They have no interest in silencing the opposition on Facebook or anywhere else. They just want to live their lives in the country they were born in, and it doesn’t seem like a lot to ask. So by any traditional definition, they are liberal.

However, our language has become so politicized and so distorted that you would never know it. What you do know for certain is that the people behind Joe Biden are not like that at all. They don’t believe in dissent. “You think one thing? I think another. That’s OK.” No, that’s not them at all.

They demand obedience to diversity, which is to say, legitimate differences between people is the last thing they want. These people seek absolute sameness, total uniformity. You’re happy with your corner coffee shop? They want to make you drink Starbucks every day from now until forever, no matter how it tastes. That’s the future.

Now, if these seem like corporate values to you, then you’re catching on to what’s happening. The Joe Biden for President campaign is a purely corporate enterprise. It’s the first one in American history to come this close to the presidency. If a multinational corporation decided to create a presidential candidate, he would be a former credit card shill from Wilmington, Del., and that’s exactly what they got. What’s good for Google is good for the Biden campaign and vice versa.

We have never seen a more soulless project. They literally picked Kamala Harris as Biden’s running mate, someone who can’t even pronounce her own name. Not that it matters, because it’s purely an advertising gimmick.

We watched all of this come together in real time. We stood slack-jawed in total disbelief as a man with no discernible constituency of any kind rose to the very top of our political system, as if by magic. It’s possible in the end that Joe Biden himself never convinced a single voter of anything over the entire duration of the presidential campaign, but he didn’t have to. Joe Biden won the Democratic nomination because he wasn’t Bernie Sanders. He came to where he is today because he isn’t Donald Trump. It’s the shortest political story ever written.

Now, whatever you may think of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders, they did it the traditional way.  Each one of them had the support of actual voters. Living, breathing people loved them, believed in them, vested their hope in them, and, by the way, agreed with their ideas, which they articulated clearly. But corporate America hated them both. They couldn’t be controlled, particularly Donald Trump, whose complete unwillingness to submit made him the greatest possible threat. That’s why they hate Donald Trump, because he won’t obey.

It’s insulting to say that Joseph R. Biden won this election, if that is what comes to pass. The tech companies will have won. The big banks will have won. The government of China, the media establishment, the permanent bureaucracy, the billionaire class — they will have won, and not in the way that democracy promises. If a single person equaled a single vote, a coalition like that could never win anything. There aren’t enough of them.

But as a group, they have something that Donald Trump’s voters sadly do not have, and that is power. They have lots of power and they plan to wield that power, whether you like it or not. It’s all starting to look a lot like oligarchy at this point. The people who believe they should have been in charge all along now may actually be in charge.

So what does that mean for the rest of us? Will corporate America declare victory and back
off? Can we speak freely again? Will they take the boot from our necks? Can we have America back now that the Great Orange Emergency has passed? Well, the mandatory lying orders finally be lifted?

Those are the questions we’ll be paying attention to, since we plan to stay in this country. And one other thing while we’re at it, who’s excited to greet our new corporate overlords? Who plans to collaborate, particularly of those on the right side, the Republican side, the side that said it was defending you? Who’s happy about all of this? That seems worth keeping track of, just so we know who we’re dealing with here.

Ned Ryan is the CEO of American Majority. He does keep track, and he joins us tonight. Ned, it’s great to see you.

Ned Ryan: Good to see you, Tucker.

Tucker Carlson: It goes without saying, not any kind of call, we don’t know where this is going; votes are being counted; there are apparent irregularities; those will be examined, we pray; in some cases, they’ll be litigated. But a lot of people in Washington feel that this is over, and some of them seem pretty happy about it. Who are they?

Ned Ryan: Well, first of all I want to highlight, you’re right, and I think your opening monologue was it’s incumbent upon Trump to not stop to use every option at his disposal.

Tucker Carlson: Right.

Ned Ryan: If nothing else for the implications of it: the American people deserve a free and fair election that they can trust, and trust an institution instead of half the people think it’s been stolen.

But think about it. You’re right. This ruling class of administrative state, big tech, corporations: all of these people think that they can get rid of Trump and we’ll go back to normal. We’ll create a normal. We’ll go back. They’re delusional.

I mean, the point I want to make here tonight is that Trump has red pilled literally 70 million American people. He’s illuminated everything, whether it’s the danger of China, whether it’s the danger of big tech, the administrative state, fake news, a whole litany of issues. They’re delusional if they think that these people, myself included, are somehow just going to disappear if they can somehow take out Trump.

And they’re wedded to a broken system. That’s the other thing, Tucker. They’re wedded to a broken system that has sold out the American people. And now they want to go, and you know, they’re going to try and snap back to advancing policies that are actually going to sell out the American people and the middle class especially. They’re not going to fix immigration; they’re not going to fix trade deals; they’re not going to break up big tech; they’re not going to do any of these things. and yet this is only going to accelerate whatever comes next. Again, America first is not going away.

Tucker Carlson: So I was particularly interested, and there’s a lot of this but I just want to highlight one to begin. In the comments of Lindsey Graham, who just won reelection in the state of South Carolina because conservatives voted for him, the people around Trump put a great deal of pressure on Lindsey Graham to send the money. So after a day or two he made a great show of sending a 500 grand.

But then on the issues that matter, Lindsey Graham immediately ran away from the ideas he claimed to support and said he will be happy to sell out his voters with an amnesty deal, like within hours of the election.

Ned Ryan: But this is the surrender caucus. It feels like they’ve been waiting in the wings. They can’t wait to get back into where they actually control the Republican party. And I’m talking not only about Lindsey Graham, Ben Sasse, Mitt Romney, heck, even Liz Cheney. These neocon globalists, who can’t get enough of the vulture capitalism and the selling out of the American middle class. They can’t wait to get back into power.

And the shameful part of it is you know that they have not embraced Trump for a variety of reasons because he’s a repudiation of everything that they have stood for. And he has been in control of the party and now they’re waiting in hopes that he somehow will be removed from it. And these are the kind of people, Tucker, who quite frankly have been surrendering, have been going along to getting along, don’t know how to win.

And quite frankly a lot of their policies, as we have seen, they’ve been more concerned about rebuilding the middle east than the midwest. That is a shameful part of the Republican party, and they are doing nothing for the most part right now to stand up and say we’re not going to let this happen what is taking place with this election because they fail to understand if we don’t fix what has taken place?—and I am convinced that major fraud has taken place?—it is the end of free and fair elections. Republicans won’t win again. They will be in a permanent minority if we are not careful, especially if we are not careful about these Georgia senate races. And we have no backstop if we lose the majority in the senate.

Tucker Carlson: Well, that is exactly right, and, of course, that’s the tragedy. You have a deeply flawed party that refuses to protect its own voters and represent their legitimate interests. But they are the only hope that this country doesn’t descend into something totally unrecognizable.

Ned Ryan: Kind of scary.

Tucker Carlson: So it puts 70 million decent people in a tough spot. Ned Ryan, we’ll talk to you again I appreciate it.

Tucker Carlson: Thanks, Tucker.

Tucker Carlson: So there is a political realignment coming. The distance between what people want and what they’re getting from their leaders is just too vast. Some Democrats understand this and they’re very nervous about it. We’ve got the tape next.

With Joe Biden we get fascism: the collusion of government and corporatism

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