Hillary Clinton and the corporate Democrats lost because Donald Trump ran to their left and outflanked them so don’t blame Jill Stein or sexism or racism. Video and transcript.


Jimmy Dore: You wonder why Hillary Clinton lost and they elected a clown who at least said things that were right? So remember this: Donald Tiny-Hands Trump out-lefted Hillary Clinton on trade because he was against the TPP; and he out-lefted her on banking regulations because he wants to reinstate Glass-Steagall: she doesn’t. He went to the left of Hillary Clinton and he won just like Barack Obama went to Hillary Clinton’s left in 2008 and won.

So get it out of your heads, Democrats, that you’re a viable party if you keep running corporate Democrats like this. Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, you guys are fucking losers. I ain’t going to vote for you. I ain’t going to work for you. I’m going to start another party if that’s what you think is going to lead this party and get the progressives back in power, you’re out of your mind.

You’re doubling down on a bad strategy just like all of the people, like Debbie Wasserman Schultz and all the other people in the Democratic Party, who were doing an autopsy on what happened and their autopsies is, “we didn’t do nothing wrong; it’s just too many racists in America.”

I saw Al Jazeera do a thing like that today: “there’s too many racists; it had nothing to do with economics.” Have you seen that, Steve? They’re literally saying now it has nothing to do with economics because the people who voted for Trump come from counties that were doing better. Stick your head in the sand all you want. There’s got to be a reason for the Democrats to suppose to exist. And the reason the Democrats are supposed to exist is to be an opposition party to the Republicans.

If you’re in bed with the same people, taking money from the same people, you’re no longer an opposition party. There’s no reason for you to exist. And guess what? Don’t be surprised that people don’t vote for you.

They just lost 69 House seats under Nancy Pelosi. They just lost to Donald Tiny-Hands Trump under Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Yuck! So it’s up to the Democrats.

People are angry at me, people are still angry at me about this election. They’re still not angry at these motherfuckers. That is unbelievable. Go ahead, Steve.

Steve Oh: Yeah, so the lesson that you learn is that they lost because of sexism. [Snickering.] What’s their proposed solution? Well next time run a guy run. If they lost from racism, next time run a white guy.

Jimmy Dore: Oh, they ran a white one in this time.

Steve Oh: Yeah, so if the lesson is that, oh, you know we lost because, you know, we were too left, next time run a white guy farther to the right, but not quite as far as the Republican candidate.

Jimmy Dore: Just a little bit; be pro-abortion. That’s the difference: pro abortion.

Steve Oh: So the choice you’re giving the electorate is an extremely right wing guy and then the person who is slightly less right wing.

Jimmy Dore: Yes.

Steve Oh: So the right-wing voters vote for the more right-wing guy and the left wing voters like, fuck it, I’m not going to vote for either one of them.

Jimmy Dore: I don’t want to show up.

Steve Oh: And then you lose.

Jimmy Dore: And then you lose.

Steve Oh: And then you’re like, whoa, we should have gone a little bit more right, little more male, little bit more white.

Jimmy Dore: That was their solution. Their solution is to become more like Trump. Yeah, that is literally their solution. Well, I mean…

Steve Oh: If you misdiagnose the problem, and you learn all the wrong answers or learn all the wrong lessons, yes, so they’ll get worse.

Jimmy Dore: So this is very much watching Debbie Wasserman Schultz say, “hey, believe me, if I wanted to rig the election….” Well, you know who else said that? O. J. Simpson. Remember he wrote that book, “if I did it, this is how I would have did it.” That’s exactly like O. J. Simpson.

Steve Oh: Yeah, and you know, also blame the third party. The lesson there is to next time ruthlessly crush any third-party voices.

Jimmy Dore: Don’t let them participate.

Steve Oh: Destroy any ounce of dissent.

Jimmy Dore: Smear them. They already did that this time.

Steve Oh: And it’s so stupid because the math just doesn’t work, right? So Jill Stein got, what, one percent of the vote?

Jimmy Dore: Something. Even less, maybe.

Steve Oh: So let’s do one percent for easy math purposes. Well 50-percent of the people didn’t vote at all. So let’s say out of the fifty percent of the people, half of them were lazy losers who are never going to vote because they are bad people. Let’s just pretend, right. The other half would have voted under the right circumstances. Well, that’s still 25 times bigger than who actually voted for Jill. So you can’t blame the third party either.

But they are blaming third parties, they’re sexists, they’re racists, blah blah blah. No, you blame the person in the mirror.

Jimmy Dore: Blame the person in the mirror, which they’re not doing, the Democrats. It’s really disheartening. You know, I really thought that this would snap them out of it. I really really did. I thought it would snap them out of it and they would go…

Well they actually again are doing what they always do, the Democrats, is they speak the language of populism, right? So you hear….

Steve Oh: They don’t even do that anymore.

Jimmy Dore: Well, I just saw Howard Dean on Morning Joe Blow Job and he was talking about how it’s time to let the millennials take over,, time to step away, except he was there rooting on the re-election of Nancy Pelosi saying what a great leader she is. And he’s also running for the chair of the DNC. But at the same time is that we got to let go….

You guys are nuts. These guys are saying one thing and they’re doing the other, just like Barack Obama always says one thing and does the other. Hey, I’m going to put on that comfortable shoe if you guys go on strike and then he doesn’t do it. he doesn’t do it not even one bit.

And he promised hope and change and there was no change. He took Bush’s Defense Secretary, put him in his cabinet; he took Bush’s tax cuts, made them permanent; he took Bush’s foreign policy, he expanded the wars.

Steve Oh: Wasn’t he the one who appointed James Comey?

Jimmy Dore: He appointed James fucking Comey!

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