Debbie Lusignan the Sane Progressive calls out Bernie Sanders for failing to contest the election fraud in the Democratic primaries

Bernie Sanders Takes Election by Exposing Fraud, No Support for Bogus Hillary “Win’

Hi, my name is Debbie. Welcome to the same progressive the YouTube video series that seeks to inject some sanity into modern American political dialogue.

The Bernie Sanders campaign and Bernie Sanders supporters stand at a crossroads right now in this election. And we need to look at the information we have, we need to look at the actions that the campaign is taking, the information the campaign is giving us, the information the campaign is directly telling us, and draw our conclusions and make a plan for action because we do not have months to just be sitting on our hands and hope hope and cross our fingers that Bernie Sanders is going to do the right thing.

Because in the face of blatant election theft, blatant election fraud, a hundred and sixty thousand people purged off the rolls in Brooklyn alone, the Bernie Sanders campaign reaction was to send his surrogates out on the media–Jeff Weaver, his campaign manager, going out, talking on TV about how not only Bernie Sanders will support Hillary
Clinton in the general after they just stole New York from us! Not just Sanders, from us.

He’s now a life-long democrat apparently: so he wants to be part of the party, life long, that has been enacting this corruption, not just against him but against us!  Okay, that was the Sanders campaign reaction. Jane has said twice in the past week they are gonna fall in line behind Hillary should they successfully thieve this election. That is what the campaign is telling us. They are telling us that.

And I know a lot of people are hoping, just like they hoped when they saw Obama start betraying us in the beginning of his first term, that he’s playing super-secret chess.

But you know what? I’m of the school, if somebody shows you who they are, believe them. Sanders has come out and has said this, and he is not taking actions that are necessary to expose the fraud to win the election because if Sanders exposes the fraud, Sanders wins the election because he already would have won this election if we have had an accurate accounting of the vote.

You don’t believe me? Look at what happened in Chicago when they did a micro audit. The district switched 19% to Sanders when they can hand counted the votes, right along with the exit polls saying that Sanders won in Illinois, but Hillary Clinton took the state.

We had that happen in Massachusetts. We had it happen in Missouri: the exit polls not matching the outcomes.

You can read about all of this on The evidence is all documented. It’s compiled there. Overwhelming. New York City, the mass purging of the rolls. And you can see see the corruption, it just seethes from within.

Here’s the latest story on the blog today. New York election investigators protect democrat in charge of voter rolls and suspend republicans. Let me just read you a summary of this story. In a bizarre move, around the investigation of the mass purging of democrats from election rolls in Brooklyn and the state of New York, a suspension was made of a top Republican on the election board. This individual was responsible for the oversight of the Republican rolls, which did not have reported problems. The Democrat, Betty Ann Canizio, is the Board of Elections deputy clerk for Brooklyn is the official responsible for
overseeing the borough’s democratic voting rolls.

Well the republican gets suspended, the person not in charge of those rolls gets suspended. According to one person in the source, “it sounds like they cut a deal to make the Republican the scapegoat and protected Betty Ann,” said an elected Brooklyn official, who’s a democrat.

“It should also be noted that the individual in charge of the election investigation, Scott Stringer, is a delegate to Hillary Clinton at the democratic party nominating convention in July. There is currently a demand for him to step aside of leaving the investigation by residence due to conflict of interest.” You think?

Total corruption, total fraud. Sanders comes out and says it’s disgraceful what happened in Arizona. It’s disgraceful what happened in New York. No it’s not just disgraceful, Senator Sanders, it’s illegal. It voids the validity of this election. and again we saw the exit polls in New York, just like Chicago, where we had the audit, Illinois, Massachusetts, Missouri, and other states not matching the results of the election.

No demands for hand counts, which would easily if you had handcounts in Missouri, which you could easily had because that was less than half a point between you and Clinton, you could have had hand counts in St. Louis and revealed the miscounts the machines.  It’s not like there’s no recourse for the campaign. They have chosen not to
take the recourse available to them. And this has happened from state to state to state.

They are not taking the actions necessary to protect the vote. That’s what the campaign is showing us. That is what they are doing. That is what they are doing.

So we face a crossroads right now about how we move forward. Now my first inclination I have created the petition for the election fraud, which is now up to over, I think, it’s approaching 23,000 now, Senator Sanders, 23,000 people demanding action on this issue of election fraud. And I’m going to say, speaking as one of the spokespeople for the 23,000 people who have signed on board, it is not acceptable for you to just say, to ignore this any longer. And it is not acceptable in the midst of this theft and this betrayal by the democratic party against its own constituents that you think that it’s okay to line up behind the candidate who the democratic party’s establishment is stealing and rigging this election for. That is so corrupt.

You know, you call republicans who engage in this behavior political cowards.  Yet it is somehow an option in the face of this kind of mass election fraud that you would say that we should line up behind the democrat because she’s different than the republicans? How is it different what she’s doing? How is it different the democrats, the leaders of the TPP, more Democrats voting for the CISA provisions which destroy a free and open internet and allow Bush NSA type spying into law, including Elizabeth Warren, who joined into that.

It’s all one corrupt machine and you yourself have said that millions of people have to stand up and demand, DEMAND, that their government represent them and that we have to fight back against the establishment. Well, you cannot only fight back against one side of the corrupt establishment, Senator Sanders. The democratic party by instituting a fraud
against its constituents is showing itself as deeply entrenched in stink and corruption as the republicans and it goes against everything that you have said in your campaign, and on the stump thus far to say that people should line up behind the head of such corruption.

You have to address the problem as a whole and what you are showing us this week, what you are showing us this week and telling us, is not only that you would support the person at the head of that and expect us to join on as well, and you hope your supporters will do the same, says Jane, you will become complicit in the corruption, and that’s what happens when you do not hold the people who are stealing the vote away from you and our movement to account, you become complicit in it.

I know people don’t like me when I call out Senator Sanders a lot of times. They keep telling me there’s a super secret plan, he’s playing super-secret multi dimensional chess
behind the scenes. No he’s not. He’s telling you outright what he’s going to do and if you don’t like it, this is the time to speak up and tell him you don’t like it. It’s not okay. You don’t think you should be giving money and time and energy in man hours into an exercise in futility and that is what this is if you can’t count the votes.

This issue needed to be addressed from day one and the Bernie Sanders campaign has just allowed the Clintons to run through this election and steal us blind, and concede wins that she did not really take.

Something is wrong there; something backwards; something troubling. Not the deeds of somebody truly trying to fight a revolution and challenge the system. And people say, oh, well, we have to do it for him we have to do it for him. Look I am doing it for him. I’ve compiled along with some amazing volunteers a blog which has documented all the evidence: we’re filing lawsuits; we are doing it for him. At this point we’re asking him to not work against us by going along and not contesting bogus results and giving them credibility. We’re asking him not to harm our efforts at this point.

It isn’t about even expecting Bernie Sanders to do it. It’s about expecting Bernie Sanders to help us, work with us, and not work against us. And that is where it’s starting to go. If you don’t like that don’t kill the messenger.  Don’t be like a Hillary Clinton supporter killing the messenger of people telling you things about the candidate that you don’t want to hear, because I get quite enough of that from the Hillary bots, okay? You don’t want to start mimicking their behavior. You start defending politicians when they are doing things that aren’t right, that’s the slippery slope to hell until you are supporting the worst politicians around. I am not saying that Bernie Sanders is the worst politician around. I’m saying that’s how you get there by not operating from a place of truth and honesty and accountability and citizen oversight from day one.

It’s not fun saying the things that people don’t don’t wanna hear, they get mad at you; they call you names. So at this point we need to be signing the petition demanding action, demanding that Senator Sanders contests New York, and if he is not going to take those
actions, he needs to stop asking for money and he needs to stop putting people through this charade, cause you can’t win if you’re not going to address the true issue. And you know people are gonna get mad at me cause I’m taking away their hope.

Well, false hope is a poison pill. It’s a poison pill. And you want real hope?  Address the election fraud. He already won. Take the election he already won, instead of trying to help him win states that are just gonna be stolen that he won’t address.

Hold Senator Sanders to account and hold him to his own word. That’s what citizen oversight is. It’s not easy; it’s not fun; and it certainly doesn’t make you popular. And I would also like to say in this video to the “progressive” commentators who are saying in the face of the theft of New York and an election that is totally fraudulent, that maybe we will have to support Hillary Clinton after all because of the republicans. That is such a sellout to what this movement is supposed to be about. That is such an exercise in cowardice. And that is no longer a feasible alternative. This lesser of two evils game needed to end years ago. And if you are going to instruct your audience to repeat the same behavior of insanity that has led us into this situation, you might want to consider your profession because we really don’t need social media imitating the worst of mainstream media and guiding them again off the cliff like lemmings. I’m really horrified at some of the things I’m seeing from some of the commentators this week. It’s not okay.

Alright, as always this is Debbie, the Sane Progressive. You guys stay sane and peace out.

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