Cenk Uygur calls Grover Norquist the whore of Babylon, and the scum of the earth. Cenk Uygur is coming for Grover Norquist.

Cenk Uygur:  CPAC just concluded:  that’s the largest conservative gathering.  There were a lot of speeches, Herman Cain for one, as we showed you last week, who called all liberals stupid, which is rather ironic.  And of course, also ironically said that liberals like to do name calling.  I wonder how smart he is that he did that speech and did not realize the intense irony of what he just said.  

But he’s not alone.  Almost every speaker calls liberals one name or another.  Grover Norquist is the embodiment of corporate whoredom.  He’s basically the whore of Babylon.  Any rich person, any corporation, that wants a tax cut, they go to Grover Norquist, they pay him off, and he intimidate Republican politicians into never ever raising taxes. 

So he’s going to do that here, and then on top of that just for good measure, he’s going to insult liberals.  Let’s watch. 

Grover Norquist:  Our job is to say no to tax increases, stop throwing money in the center of the table, put our foot on the air hose, and watch that pile of cash begin to decline.  The left is not made up of friends and allies.  It is made up of competing parasites. 

Cenk Uygur:  Here is what I am done with:  all the name calling from the right and not responding from the left.  If the left ever says anything about the right, they cry like babies:  oh, no, I can’t believe it, name calling, how could they.  Meanwhile they get to call us parasites and whatever else they like, and that seems apparently perfectly acceptable to the mainstream media.  Well, two can play at that game. 

Here is what Grover Norquist is.  He’s absolutely scum of the earth.  He’s lower than scum.  I don’t know what’s lower than scum.  Well, I do know:  it’s called a Norquist.  

This should be like the definition of Santorum.  When you look up Norquist, it should say something that’s so dirty, so filthy, such a filthy whore, that it’s lower than scum.  That’s what Grover Norquist is. 

Because if you’ve got money, and you want lower taxes, and you want to screw over the middle class, you want to screw over the 99%, and you want to give everything to the rich and to the top corporations, Grover is on his knees ready for you. 

He will do whatever it takes.  He will intimidate Republican politicians, he will fluff you up, he will do whatever it takes because he is lower than scum, he is [the] whore of the earth.  How do you like me now, Grover?  Do you want to keep doing name calling?  Do you want to call me a parasite?  Do you want to call other liberals parasites?  

Well, I am going to stand up, okay, you God damn scum whore.  Do you want to keep representing the rich on your knees?  We are going to fight you.  We are not going to take your crap any more.  And we are coming for you. 

And if you are a little scared by that, a little intimidated by that—“oh my God, what if the middle class realizes how much we are robbing them”—well, you should be intimidated because we know you are robbing us.  And we know that you are doing it for the benefit of the rich in this country.  And we are coming for you.  

How do you like that, scum?

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