Cenk Uygur MSNBC TV’s Con Job June 3, 2011: Paul Ryan lies while defending his health care plan. Video and transcript.

UYGUR: And now for our “Con Job of the Day,” we have Paul Ryan`s deceitful and amusingly hypocritical defense of his Medicare plan. And this one`s a doozy.

Since Ryan introduced his plan in April, Democrats pointed out that it would turn Medicare into a voucher program because that`s exactly what it does. Not wanting to admit that, Ryan says the left is just scaring people. But listen to him do the same thing in the middle of his sentence here.


REP. PAUL RYAN (R), WISCONSIN: Millions of dollars of negative ads are being run to try and scare seniors and to try and confuse seniors. You know, the irony of this bill is with all this “Mediscare” that the Democrats are running, it`s Obamacare, itself, that ends Medicare as we know it.

Obamacare takes a half a trillion dollars from Medicare. In fact, we restore their benefits by repealing the Obamacare raid on the Medicare fund.


UYGUR: You know what`s ironic? Accusing the president of scaring seniors on Medicare, as you do exactly that half way through your own sentence. But it gets worse. Ryan accused President Obama of raiding the Medicare fund, thereby cutting the — I`m sorry. By raiding the Medicare fund which then cuts wasteful spending on Medicare advantage, right? But he neglected to mention that Ryan`s plan makes the same exact cuts. Not hey, similar cuts, the same cuts. Now, usually he doesn`t know that his own plan has identical proposal on that same issue. Of course he knows. He comes on television and blatantly lies about it anyway. But what bothers me is this guy gets such reverence in Washington when he`s the same old political hack in a new young face. Like, oh, he`s so serious. He`s seriously full of it. And get a load of this final piece of irony from Ryan.


RYAN: The point I was making to the president is demagogue these issues that your own peril.


Good point. Maybe you should have taken your own advice before you said, oh, yes, Obama`s plan ends Medicare, yes, yes, yes, that`s the ticket. Paul Ryan`s pathetic attempt to pretend the president is the one cutting Medicare and then blatantly lying about his own plan is our con job of the day.

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