Are the Democrats caving in on Medicare? The Young Turk’s, Cenk Uygur’s, analysis on video with transcript.

As the Democrats have the Republicans on the ropes, they hit them with Medicare in the 26th district of New York:  they are in bad shape.  In 2012 they could run all these ads against the Republicans saying these are the guys who all voted to destroy your Medicare, and it would absolutely be true.  What are they going to do?  You know it.  They are going to give the queen right back to them. 

Here is Steny Hoyer on the budget negotiations that are going on right now between the Democrats and the Republicans and the White House;  and remember that Hoyer is the Minority Whip, the second most important Democrat in the House:

“I have said it over and over again, everything needs to be on the table…Medicare is one of the things that needs to be on the table.”  Democratic Representative Steny Hoyer from Maryland, the Minority Whip.

My God, man, how stupid are you?  He is not alone.  Vice President Joe Biden came out and said, first of all we have already come out and agreed to over a trillion dollars in cuts to Republicans.  Now, were tax increases included in that?  Nope, not a single dime of a tax increase.  Bush tax cuts, did we get rid of them?  Nope, nope, no, it is all in spending cuts.  But Biden says, later we are going to demand our tax increases.  Ha, ha, ha, of course you are.  Of course you are.

Meanwhile Eric Cantor, the Majority Leader for the Republicans in the House says, “This process shows that if people come together, finding spending cuts isn’t that hard…I reiterated that tax increases cannot pass the House.”  Republican Representative Eric Cantor from Virginia, the Majority Whip.

So what has happened in the budget negotiation thus far…the real ones, the ones that are actually going to get passed?    The Democrats have gotten nothing, NOTHING, okay?  And what have they given up?  A trillion dollars in spending cuts according to Vice President Biden.  And on top of all that, what they’re going to do is help the Republicans out by cutting Medicare.  So they are going to let them off the hook, and the Republicans will say, … do you think that they will turn around and run ads saying the Democrats cut your Medicare when Democrats agree  with the Republicans plan to do that so?  Of course.  They will run that ad in a second; they already run it.

Do you know that Corwin in the midde of that 26th district race ran an ad against Hochul saying she cut your Medicare because she agrees with President Obama’s healthcare bill.  But that’s taking out Medicare Advantage, but that was also in Paul Ryan’s plan, that she supports.  Did that stop her from running that incredibly deceptive ad?  Of course not.  That’s what all of the Republicans are going to do the minute that the Democrats give them back the queen.

The ability of the Democrats to snatch defeat out of the jaws of victory is unbelievable.  It is legendary.  Okay?  And will they do it again?  I would be shocked if they didn’t.  Shocked.

Who’s going to turn it around?  Who is going to come in and say, do you know what?  Let’s not do this the way that the Republicans want.  This is stupid.  This is not what the American people want.  It is not good politics, it is not good policy.  Instead let’s demand that we get rid of the bush tax cuts.  And that’s a large part of the deficit.  And let’s demand that we do defense spending cuts and that’s a large way to balance the budget.  We do want to balance the budget but we just have a different idea on it.  And we don’t want to do these Draconian cuts to social security, medicare, or medicaid.

Who’s going to do that?  The Democrats?  Ha, ha.  Oh, when they make that mistake, … oh, you Obama bots, come on, tell me what a genius he is.  I know.  Oh, right now you’ve been telling me that he ain’t going to do it.  Alright, let’s see what happens.  Do you think that Vice President Biden and Steny Hoyer are making stuff up?  Or do you think that they are going to change their minds and change course from this disastrous path?  They’re not going to do that because they believe, Washington has them convinced, that the most important thing is cutting spending, we’ve got to do that right away!  That would prove that we are centrists.  Washington, do you love us?

Now meanwhile there are polls and the polls show that folks do not support deficit issues and cutting spending jobs over jobs at all.  For example, in Ohio, where Sherrod Brown is going to run, 56% said that they care about the jobs, whereas 35% said that they care about the deficit more.  And that was true in almost all the swing states. 

Meanwhile we had a poll come out on whether you would be more likely or less likely to vote for President Obama if he did Medicare cuts.  And this poll specifically was worded as asking, cutting medicare or medicaid in order to balance the budget.  So it is a fair question.  In swing states like Ohiio, 12% said that they would be more likely to vote for him, 58% say less likely if he does Medicare or Medicaid cuts.

But undeterred the White House continues on that disastrous path, in my opinion.  Let’s hope somebody turns them around.

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