Sarah Palin says the U.S. lost the space race? Are Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann Presidential material? Better still, do they live on our planet earth?!

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>>> does president obama see in ronald reagan? at that lot. their philosophies are different. what president obama is learning from the gipper. let me finish with this question where will the grownups go in the republican party. we start with sarah palin and michelle bachmann. you know, let’s take a look at sarah palin. she must have saved this for fox in this interview. they are talk about the sputnik moment that president obamaing talked about which everybody remembers or heard about when united states got off its butt when we realized the soviets got out there with the first satellite. here’s her answer.

>> governor, last night there’s a lot of discussion about the sputnik moment that the president talked about. do you agree with him? is this our moment?

>> that was another one of those wtf moments that when he has so often repeated the sputnik moment that he would aspire americans to celebrate and he needs to remember that what happened back then with the former communist ussr and their victory in that race to space, yeah they won but also incurred so much debt at the time that it resulted in the collapse of the soviet union.

>> wow the soviet union went down after the failure of the coup out there. that was in ’91 in august. sputnik was in 1957. so the connection here. let me go to melinda. the connection with the space race with sputnik overtake our satellite efforts and us killing them in the space race. why would sarah palin say we lost the space race when everybody on planet earth knows we got the moon first, breaking human history by going to another world and the soviets gave up. they gave up. they said uncle. we can’t do what you guys are doing. 40 some years later they went bottom up. economically what is she talking about? who is writing this garbage for her? who puts it in her head. let’s start with her. who is putting this stuff in sarah palin’s head?

>> i don’t think there’s any good evidence that sarah palin has much of a team. i think she has yes people and she doesn’t have professionals working for her. but anything barack obama says, of course, she’s going say is absolutely the opposite of reality. but the thing that i was very offended hearing her talk about the wtf moment, i mean that’s so disrespectful of the office that i don’t think she’s even serious about wanting to run for the presidency. i think that if she were she wouldn’t be speaking in a way that really does not make her look like —

>> a little slow on this. i know it’s like people say btw. people say by the way. oh, my god, omg. here’s a woman running for president perhaps talking like this. jeff you were offended by her lingo. it’s childish and playing to the peanut gallery with this talk. not playing like you’re running for president. i’m offended by the absolute, seems to be weird sense of american history we’re getting from these people like her and bachmann. the other night bachmann was talking about how slavery ended by the founding fathers. there were compromises with henry clay. none of it ever happened. now we got — we lost the space race to the soviets and. bankrupt them. don’t they have some floor of knowledge they have to have for these people on the right to think of them as presidential material, josh?

>> you know, apparently not. both of them have creative approaches to american history. to me the key here is that the republicans sort of, you know, i don’t want to say the devil, made their deal in 2009 and 2010 and it’s people like sarah palin and michelle bachmann and a lot of other people who generate ad lot of energy on the right. not only them but them, you know, them and others to a great degree and now they are sort of looking towards 2012, they are in the majority in the house, but they still got these two who are there and, you know, i think that there are people in the republican party who now want to wish these two would sort of move to the side, but, you know, they sort of made that deal and it’s hard to get out of.

>> how can you tell your kid if you’re a conservative, reasonable conservative, would say my kids have to study in school because then you may bet to president. these people manifest ignorance. balloon head. bachmann knows nothing. running for president. when katie couric says what do you read they make knit to an insult. i don’t have to read anything. it turns out they don’t read the bible. they don’t read the constitution.

>> they are trying provocative. they don’t care —

>> are these people that cheer them think, aren’t they thinking. these people running for president making fools of themselves.

>> my big question as i said before about michelle bachmann does she have a staff. does she not have anybody say to you saying that founding fathers ended slavery.

>> let’s watch this. let’s recall. the reason there was a republican party. it wasn’t to cut taxes. it was to stop the expansion of slavery into the territories, into the new states so it wouldn’t become permanent. they want to get rid it and if they got all the new states being slave they would never get rid of it. here’s michelle bachmann ignoring that whole sweep of 100 years of american history the other night. here she is. let’s listen.

>> we know there was slavery that was still tolerated when the nation began. we know that was an evil. and it was scourge and a blot and a stain upon our history. but we also know that the very founders that wrote those documents worked tirelessly until slavery was no more in the united states. and i this it is high time that we recognize the contribution of our erse whoi ii iworked tirelessly.

>> but, you know, we did have from the 1776 onward until 1861, to the war we had slavery and it wasn’t until the emancipation proclamation and all slavery was outlaud under the 13th amendment. how can somebody gob out there — she does this little scribble. she mispronounces words like scourge and evil jamma. like she never said these words before. somebody is writing words that she never pronounced before. it’s scourge not scourge, it’s iwo jima. it’s iwo jima. but if you’ve never pronounced it before or said it before you say iwo jamma. someone emailed me and said this person is incredible. it’s insane a political party would consider a person like this for president. it’s sane.

>> look. they are both pretty ignorant.

>> how can you not get upset about it. this is unusual.

>> i’ll tell you why.

>> we had bob taft.

>> they are not being considered for president. and further, further they make the republicans who actually are serious contenders for the presidency look more serious by comparison.

>> these are the only people that get those republican people out of their seats cheering.

>> sarah palin, cheering and presidential, two different things.

>> why do people cheer these people?

>> i think there’s definitely something to what linda is saying. so me the key is yes i’m sure there are a lot of republicans that would like to usher these two off the stage. they are very ignorant. they say a lot of crazy stuff. they were saying this stuff in 2009 and last year. the key is that, you know, it’s very clear that sarah palin, you know, it’s a relatively small minority of people in the country who are really into her but a substantial chunk of the republican party. the key to me is going to your point, chris, there’s no one else in the republican party who can basically usher her away. she has too much support in the gop.

>> you know, i have a thought. that’s this.

>> do you?

>> a lot of people made it in american politics and made us look up to them who were not geniuses. bobby kennedy a smart guy. would study very hard. have people all the time to his house. learning. politic sass learning profession. jack kennedy from the time and he was kid, not only read everything but sit back ever he read the “new york times” every day in high school and try to be what he just studied. learned how to learn. these people are mocking that. they say you don’t have to know anything. you can tell katie couric i can’t think of anything i read.

>> no nothingism is — we have a long history of that in our country too of this populism that admires this —

>> not knowing anything.

>> i don’t think they are trying.

>> we’ll see. i think we’ll all be in tampa, those people cheering these people like mad and being very upset that one of these full mooners didn’t get the nomination.

>> don’t these women make tim pawlenty and mitt romney look more reasonable.

>> they make them look more boring.

>> four or five weeks of barack obama going up made them think it’s time to go whacko time. what’s the right word, you have a great voice, josh.

>> thank you.

>> melinda, as always my old

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