The Meaning of Christmas

The Bishop's Wife:  Bishop's Sermon on the Meaning of ChristmasThe meaning of Christmas to me is summed up concisely and nicely in the sermon given by the bishop at the end of the 1947 classic movie, “The Bishop’s Wife.”  Since I am an accountant, I am forced to reduce the sermon to a mathematical algorithm….What can I say?  I am a CPA and this is what we do all day, even on Christmas Day?

Mea culpa.  But here it is, Einsteins:

Peace on Earth = Loving Kindness + Warm Hearts + Stretched Out Hand of Tolerance

But despite its simplicity and precision, an algorithm doesn’t capture the moving poetry of the sermon.  So I include it below for the appreciation of all of those who hate mathematics and accounting and who have a real life.  Better yet, just click on the video provided above and watch and listen to David Niven recite the sermon:

Tonight I want to tell you the story of an empty stocking.

Once upon a midnight clear, there was a child’s cry, a blazing star hung over a stable, and wise men came with birthday gifts. We haven’t forgotten that night down the centuries. We celebrate it with stars on Christmas trees, with the sound of bells, and with gifts.

But especially with gifts. You give me a book, I give you a tie. Aunt Martha has always wanted an orange squeezer and Uncle Henry can do with a new pipe. For we forget nobody, adult or child. All the stockings are filled, all that is, except one. And we have even forgotten to hang it up. The stocking for the child born in a manger. Its his birthday we’re celebrating. Don’t let us ever forget that.

Let us ask ourselves what He would wish for most. And then, let each put in his share, loving kindness, warm hearts, and a stretched out hand of tolerance. All the shinning gifts that make peace on earth. 

William Brighenti, Certified Public Accountant, Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor

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William Brighenti is a Certified Public Accountant, Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor, and Certified Business Valuation Analyst. Bill began his career in public accounting in 1979. Since then he has worked at various public accounting firms throughout Connecticut. Bill received a Master of Science in Professional Accounting degree from the University of Hartford, after attending the University of Connecticut and Central Connecticut State University for his Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts degrees. He subsequently attended Purdue University for doctoral studies in Accounting and Quantitative Methods in Business. Bill has instructed graduate and undergraduate courses in Accounting, Auditing, and other subjects at the University of Hartford, Central Connecticut State University, Hartford State Technical College, and Purdue University. He also taught GMAT and CPA Exam Review Classes at the Stanley H. Kaplan Educational Center and at Person-Wolinsky, and is certified to teach trade-related subjects at Connecticut Vocational Technical Schools. His articles on tax and accounting have been published in several professional journals throughout the country as well as on several accounting websites. William was born and raised in New Britain, Connecticut, and served on the City's Board of Finance and Taxation as well as its City Plan Commission. In addition to the blog, Accounting and Taxes Simplified, Bill writes a blog, "The Barefoot Accountant", for the Accounting Web, a Sift Media publication.
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  1. liz says:

    Once gave a nagging mother in law a grandson for Christmas from Save the Children. Beat the hell out of Fruit of the Month. It’s what you give the man who has everything! Oxfam lets you buy goats. Sending a goat to a family in Africa beats sending an Omaha Steak to Uncle Ray. They make wonderful gifts.
    Happy almost birthday. ooo is this the big 6 oh?

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