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QuickBooks Classes and Private Training
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Need Help with Quickbooks?
William Brighenti of Accountants CPA Hartford Connecticut is offering online Quickbooks classes in webconference rooms as well as private Quickbooks training.  He is a Certified Public Accountant, Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor, and Certified Valuation Analyst in Business Valuations, with 30 years of experience in accounting and business, and has taught accounting at the University of Hartford, Central Connecticut State University, Hartford State Technical College, and Purdue University.  In addition, Bill also instructed classes in GMAT and CPA Test Preparation.

As a Certified Public Accountant and Certified Quickbooks ProAdvisor, William Brighenti has installed and setup Quickbooks at various companies and organizations in Connecticut.  Moreover, he has trained and coached many individuals in the use of Quickbooks, including the following areas and topics:

  1. Quickbooks installation on server and computers
  2. Setting up personal and company preferences
  3. Backing up data files
  4. Closing periods
  5. Granting user preferences
  6. Implementing internal controls in Quickbooks
  7. Selecting and defining "items" in Quickbooks
  8. Selection of payroll method and setup
  9. Payroll processing and preparation of quarterly and year-end filings
  10. Billing, receivables, setting up invoice and statement templates
  11. Sales tax setup and preparation of sales tax returns
  12. Accounts payable - entering and paying bills
  13. Fixed asset management
  14. Bank reconciliations, online banking, entering checks and deposits
  15. General journal entries
  16. Report generation function
  17. Job costing
  18. Budgets and forecasting
  19. Estimates, purchase and sales orders
  20. Loan Manager
It is essential that before installing QuickBooks for any small business that it be set up appropriately for your business informational needs.  Most small businesses fail to do so, resulting in reports less effective for management decision making.  For instance, to appropriately reflect job costing, classes and items are ordinarily used.  Consequently, the first step in any process of a QuickBooks set up is an analysis of the reports needed by management.  Too often QuickBooks is installed with little, if any, thought on the informational needs of the users.  The result is too often a meaningless mess.

William Brighenti is not only a Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor at Accountants CPA Hartford, LLC, but also a Certified Public Accountant.  William will offer to conduct an examination of your reports prior to any QuickBooks set up and modification, including a review of company tax returns, financial statements, job costing, payroll, fixed assets, outstanding loans, etc.  Only after reviewing all of the uses of QuickBooks is one capable of determining the appropriate installation and modification of a company's QuickBooks file.

The second step in ensuring the most effective and efficient use of QuickBooks is the ascertainment of the capabilities of its users at the company.  Since cash is king at any small business, it is imperative that bank reconciliations be processed via QuickBooks.  All too often, users at small businesses fail to do bank reconciliations in QuickBooks. 
Once one learns how to process bank reconciliations in QuickBooks, then receivables and payables can be cleaned up in the QuickBooks file.  We at Accountants CPA Hartford, LLC, will be happy to walk anyone through the process.

QuickBooks can be a powerful tool for any small business; however, it does require some thought prior to set up as well as some knowledge of basic bookkeeping in its proper use.  If set up and used appropriately, a small company can save thousands of dollars in year-end clean up by outside accountants.  Even more importantly, management can produce accurate monthly operating and cash flow reports.

Two important features hardly used effectively by QuickBooks users are fixed asset and loan manager.  With the use of fixed asset manager, one is able to determine depreciation expense, which can be a very important consideration is anticipating taxable income.  With loan manager, one can automatically pay loan installments and allocate the correct amounts to interest expense and principal reductions without the use of amortization schedules.

Call Accountants CPA Hartford, LLC for an analysis of your QuickBooks set up. William Brighenti will recommend appropriate modifications to enhance the efficaciousness of its reporting and use.  Private consultations and training are always available and very affordable.  In addition,
appropriate discounts are given for larger class sizes and longer class and training sessions.  Contact Accountants CPA Hartford: William Brighenti, CPA, Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor now for more information:  (860) 828-3269.


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