58 lawyers are Senators. An accountant is now running for Senator. Francine McKenna for President?

A while back, I wrote a blog entry asking “Why Not a CPA for President“.  Perhaps Ron Johnson read it, and decided to use the campaign approach I advocated in that entry:  that is, run a campaign on the merit of not being a lawyer by occupation but an accountant! 

As we all know, lawyers know little–if anything–about finances, except submitting big bills to clients.  They excell at that!  But we accountants know how to balance a checkbook, making us better qualified to control spending and balance our national budget.  LOL!

Personally I am so tired of hearing these attorney Senators arguing, debating, and nit-picking on the Senate floor.  Our country is going down the toilet and all I observe in Congress is gridlock:  endless legal bombast and pontification, attorneys equivocating, and beating bills to death.  What do you expect when you have 100 blowhards in one room? 

Why don’t we elect someone who knows something about the most important issue in our country:  i.e., our wallets.  What better watchdogs could American citizens have than certified public accountants protecting their wallets from government?  We deal with dollars and cents everyday, ensuring that our books balance, that all is accounted for, that benefits justify costs, that we are solvent.  And we already perform this stewardship function to a certain extent, representing our citizens in relation to the IRS.  Consequently, electing CPAs as senators would be merely extending our scope of function in the government.  Moreover, because budgets, controlling expenditures, and taxes is what we do for a living, we are more qualified than attorneys to write and pass laws on appropriations and taxes.  We can always hire attorneys to be our assistants, to translate our laws into acceptable legal jargon.  Since attorneys as Congressional leaders have been unable to balance budgets, control spending, and issue equitable tax laws, they should be replaced by others who can.  And who is better suited and qualified than certified public accountants?

But we should also have an accountant as President, too.  We have had too many lawyers as President.  Why have a lawyer as President?  Because they supposedly know the law better than others?  LOL!  Did that behoove Richard Nixon?  Bill Clinton?  Slick Willie didn’t even know the meaning of “is”, remember?  And how many Presidents have involved us in “wars” without a formal declaration, a violation of our Constitution.  A primary responsibility of the President is to present a balanced budget to Congress every year.  Do you remember the last time a President presented a creditable balanced budget to Congress?

I thought of various accountants as suitable candidates for President, and one name jumped out at me:  Francine McKenna.  Francine McKenna is smart, beautiful, eloquent, savvy, honest, and forthright.  She would make a very attractive candidate on the campaign trail.  Furthermore, she is a certified public accountant with more than twenty-five years of professional experience, having worked for Big Four firms as well as operating her own litigation consulting firm specializing in auditing.  Finally, she has demonstrated an ability to lead through her many publications, bringing to the forefront of accounting awareness an ethical scrutiny of our auditing profession.  If Francine were President, she would not let corporate management swindle investors and run our financial institutions into insolvency.  She would monitor and prevent the Big 4 Mafioso from running and ruining our country’s financial realm.  In my opinion, she has become the conscience of our accounting profession, a position once held by individuals like Abraham Briloff, Arthur Andersen, et al. 

Have you read her article, “The Button-Down Mafia: How the Public Accounting Firms Run a Racket on Investors and Thrive While Their Clients Fail?  In this article, Francine McKenna presents a compelling argument that our financial system is controlled and corrupt, involving our highest governmental officials.  Francine, virtually single-handedly, has been leading a Joan of Arc crusade, making all aware of what has been transpiring in Corporate America and the Big 4 Mafooch.  From her efforts she has demonstrated that she is the Ralph Naderif not the Eliot Nessof today, competent and ethical and vigilant to make things right in America’s financial world.  This is truly the stuff of Presidential material.

If only I could figure out a way to draft her in nomination for President.  In McKenna’s article mentioned above, she quotes a popular Sicilian proverb:  Cu è surdu, orbu e taci, campa cent’anni ‘mpaci.  “He who is deaf, blind, and silent will live a hundred years in peace.”  But Francine, there’s another old Sicilian saying:  Pesci fet d’a testa.  “The fish stinks from the head”.  Our country is rotten, and the rot starts at its head, too:  our leaders.  Money in the form of political contributions has corrupted our government officials.  Frankly, Francine, we need leaders who do not stink.    We need leaders who are ethical and incorruptible.  We need a leader like you.  Francine, it is your responsibility as a patriot to step forward and accept the baton that I am handing you.

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William Brighenti is a Certified Public Accountant, Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor, and Certified Business Valuation Analyst. Bill began his career in public accounting in 1979. Since then he has worked at various public accounting firms throughout Connecticut. Bill received a Master of Science in Professional Accounting degree from the University of Hartford, after attending the University of Connecticut and Central Connecticut State University for his Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts degrees. He subsequently attended Purdue University for doctoral studies in Accounting and Quantitative Methods in Business. Bill has instructed graduate and undergraduate courses in Accounting, Auditing, and other subjects at the University of Hartford, Central Connecticut State University, Hartford State Technical College, and Purdue University. He also taught GMAT and CPA Exam Review Classes at the Stanley H. Kaplan Educational Center and at Person-Wolinsky, and is certified to teach trade-related subjects at Connecticut Vocational Technical Schools. His articles on tax and accounting have been published in several professional journals throughout the country as well as on several accounting websites. William was born and raised in New Britain, Connecticut, and served on the City's Board of Finance and Taxation as well as its City Plan Commission. In addition to the blog, Accounting and Taxes Simplified, Bill writes a blog, "The Barefoot Accountant", for the Accounting Web, a Sift Media publication.
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One Response to 58 lawyers are Senators. An accountant is now running for Senator. Francine McKenna for President?

  1. Pat says:

    The last 50 years seems to have identified itself as a government on steroid cash, the source being most of the lobbyists who troll the halls of Congress pandering the latest and greatest scheme backed up with more and more campaign cash. Understandable that so many in Congress would fall for it. Now they are staff in Congressional offices to make it streamlined and easier to accomplish what is obvious to everyone. Government is bought, and has always been. Democracy has failed for this flaw, especially when insider trading is made legal for Congress, & staff, but for no one else.
    The solution is probably not a CPA, but ethics…good luck.
    One way CPA’s could help is to try to develop a scheme where each state receives allotments for their current state of disrepair, and extraordinary projects determined by special committe consideration depending not on seniority or power of the requester, but the merit of the projects. This approach may help prevent robbing Peter to pay Paul by pitting one state against another using public access funds to do private powerful plans, incorporated now even into elections. Someone should look at that. Trump threatening Alaska’s Murkowski shows where this problem leads – extortion in every state, the worst possible outccome of how Big Government is broken. It’s probable that independent accountants could be their own lobby arm to combat what is now just the norm of Big Banks and Big Pharm, and Big Oil dictating all of public policy from the inside, outsiders all be damned, which includes most voters of all parties.

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